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1923 Sallian parliamentary election

All 650 seats to the House of Commons of Sallia
326 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Andrew Christian James Long James Cooper
Party Conservative Party Labour Party Liberal Party
Leader since 1 February 1911 28 January 1923 11 January 1919
Leader's seat Pool of Liberty Silverpool Palling
Seats before 337 160 92
Seats won 288 223 138
Seat change -49 +63 +46

Prime Minister before election

Andrew Christian
National Government

Prime Minister

Andrew Christian
Conservative Party

The 1923 Sallian parliamentary election took place on 27 June 1923. The 7th Parliament of Sallia first met on 10 July 1923.


Campaigning began following the dissolution of the 6th Parliament of Sallia on 2 June 1923. The Conservatives campaigned mostly on economic issues, the Liberals and National Liberals campaigned on economic and social issues, the National Labour Party campaigned wholly on creating a third National Government, and the Labour Party campaigned on social issues.

Campaigning ended on 26 June 1923.

Opinion polls

Main article: Opinion polling for the 1923 Sallian parliamentary election


Newspaper Endorsement
The People's Paper Labour Party
The Daily News Conservative Party
The Daily Post Liberal Party



  • Conservative Party -
  • The Speaker of the House - 1 seat

Popular vote

  • Conservative Party -
  • The Speaker of the House -

The National Liberal and National Labour parties lost all of their seats, but continued as political parties. Henry Brewer and William Redmond stayed on as the two leaders of the two parties.