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San Ignacio Massacre
Top Left: Policia National securing the site of the bombing; Top Right: Perpetrator Nando Torello; Bottom: Civilians frantically calling loved ones in the wake of the attack
LocationSan Ignaçio;  Inyursta
DateMay 27, 2018
13:18 - 13:45 CYT (Central Inyurstan Time (CYT))
Attack type
Spree killing
WeaponsTEC DC-9


Poisoned Nail Bomb
Deaths21 (including the perpetrator)
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorTemplate:Country data Homofront
Nando Richarde Torello-Môntoné

The San Ignaçio Massacre was a Homofront terror attack against the citizens of Inyursta, perpetrated around break-time in the early afternoon on May 27, 2018. It was carried out by Nando Torello, a known homosexual radicalized by Homofront. The attack was initially posed as a "lone-wolf" style attack that Homofront International would claim credit for; however, due to a known relationship between the perpetrator and one of his co-conspirators, the remainder of the terrorist cell.


Around 13:10 witnesses first describe Nando entering the plaza, looking around nervously. According to both security cameras and eyewitness testimony, Nando approached the Café dul Rétone, and paused momentarily before opening fire on a young female medical student using a DC-9 machine pistol. It is known that his target was Ana Peresque, however, because Nando approached from behind he mistook her for another woman, later identified as Sara DeLovella (25). Nando then proceeded to draw a second DC-9 and shoot several other café dwellers and medical students before moving on.

Between 13:20 and 13:25 the shooter fired indiscriminately into shop windows and at exposed civilians running in the plaza. He also used a single homemade pipe bomb as a form of grenade, which was thrown into Jiména's Botique. An armed citizen later identified as Giloú Moralez (19) attempted to stop the massacre, but was killed himself. At this point Nando is reported to have abandoned both machine pistols and continued with a 9mm pistol.

ISD Special Agent Henri Melendez was at the plaza during the time of the shooting and responded immediately. Melendez managed to insult and goad Nando into abandoning his pursuit of two civilians trying to escape, and ultimately shoot and kill the gunman.

When responders retrieved the shooter's backpack an IED was triggered, setting off a nail bomb which killed several Poliçia National. The nails were laced in human feces, which caused significant infection to the wounded responders and three nearby civilians. All wounded persons had to undergo extensive treatment for STI's found in the waste material.

The victims included Melendez, who was injured by the poison nail bomb, and Peresque, who was injured by glass shards while inside the Café dul Rétone. Foreign victims included Dr. Fynn Gonta of the Free Lands of Selkie, and two Edomite foreign exchange students.

Perpetrator Profile

Nando Torello grew up in a house without a father, raised by an extremely religious mother. He is reported to have had an extremely bad relationship with his mother, and was eventually kicked out of her house because of his homosexuality.

He is reported to have harbored a deep-seated resentment of women. His only prior arrest record is due to an incident in 2014 where he physically assaulted two female classmates and attempted to cut their hair off with a pair of rusty scissors.

It is believed that Torello's radicalization began when he entered into a relationship with Homofront operative Reynardo "Rey-Boy" DuFaçi. DuFaçi worked to isolate Torello from any outside support or relationships, and foster dependence on himself. As part of the attempted "lone wolf" angle, the Homofront cell had Torello write a manifesto outlining his goals to end religious, heteronormative, and femenísma dominance of Inyurstan culture and social life.


The attack drew widespread condemnation for Homofront and international support and solidarity for Inyursta. Président Jean-Baptiste Calderone immediately and viciously labeled the massacre as a "...disgusting crime against humanity and our sacred culture committed by disgusting and murderous maríco-terrorists...". This was not the first time Calderone used the term "maríco-terrorist", but this is the incident for which the term caught widespread use and commonplace recognition.

For PR reasons, Henri Melendez was voluntarily placed on an ISD counter-terrorism team alongside Veronica Moreau. The team had sucessfully tracked down all members of the cell, except for Carlos a.k.a. "Carla" Gutierrez, who fled the country.,