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|map = [[File:vaz2019.png|400x400px]]
|map = [[File:vaz2019.png|400x400px]]
| map_size = 400px
| map_size = 400px
| map_caption = Constituency Seat results
| map_caption = Constituency results
|map2_image = Pd19.svg
|map2_size = 400px
|map2_caption = Composition of Parliament after the election
| title            = [[Prime Minister of Vazcoeur|Prime Minister]]
| title            = [[Prime Minister of Vazcoeur|Prime Minister]]
| before_election  = [[John North]]
| before_election  = [[John North]]

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Vazcoeur Federal Election, 2019

← 2016 30 June 2019 (2019-06-30) 2022 →

463 seats in the National Assembly
232 seats needed for a majority
Turnout95.41% Increase
  First party Second party Third party
  Pete Buttigieg - 33249197628 (cropped).jpg Jeremy Corbyn closeup.jpg Theresa May official portrait.jpg
Leader Micheal Brudia (standing as presidential candidate) Fred Bates Theresa de Grand (standing as presidential candidate)
Party Progressive Alliance People before Profit New Order
Alliance Forward Forward The Right Way
Leader since 1 March 2018 1 Feburary 2005 1 Feburary 2017
Last election new party 57 135
Seats before 19 57 125
Seats won 300 69 38
Seat change Increase 281 Increase 12 Decrease 87
Popular vote 25,812,709 10,503,444 9,091,424
Percentage 41.68% 16.96% 14.68%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Caroline Lucas MP.jpg Emmanuel Macron en meeting à Besançon 2.png DavidCameronHomeOffice.jpg
Leader Marine Lucas Emmanuel Matin (standing as presidential candidate) Xino Junior
Party Green Party Rising Sun Party Confederalist Party
Alliance Forward Centre
Leader since 31 October 2010 19 September 2011 3 September 2005
Last election 23 182 spilt from New Order
Seats before 23 163 10
Seats won 29 21 6
Seat change Increase 6 Decrease 142 Decrease 4
Popular vote 5,753,360 5,319,845 2,836,425
Percentage 9.29% 8.59% 4.58%

  Seventh party
  Sir Ming Campbell MP 2008 cropped.jpg
Leader Paul Twilight
Party Liberal Party
Alliance Centre
Leader since 3 September 2018
Last election 66
Seats before 66
Seats won 0
Seat change Decrease 66
Popular vote 2,260,470
Percentage 3.65%

Constituency results

Composition of Parliament after the election

Prime Minister before election

John North
Rising Sun Party

Prime Minister

Racheal Povaz
Progressive Alliance

The Vazian Federal Election of 2019 was held on the 30th June 2019. It was held along with the presidential and state elections. This election was held after the collapse of the governing RSP-Liberal coalition due to policy disagreements and 19 RSP MPs defecting to the Progressives.

Polling showed at the start of the campaign that the RSP would lose their majority and that a hung parliament would be returned. After some time it became apparent that the Progressive Alliance could get an overall majority although pundits said it was highly improbable.


Main Parties

Main Parties

Voter eligibility

To be able to vote in Vazian elections:

  • Voter must be 18 years old by election day
  • a Vazian citizen
  • not excluded from voting by law


14 March |
27 March Channel Three Debate
5 April State Opening of the Senate


Gay Rights

After various homophobic attacks across the country many were calling for harsher punishment for

Policy platforms

The main parties in the election had the main aims of:

Rising Sun Party

  • Reduce the power of trade unions
  • Introduce fair press regulation
  • Hold a referendum on centralisation
  • Semi-Privatise the VHS
  • Reintroduce National Service

New Order

  • Hold a referendum on banning same-sex marriage and restricting abortion
  • Reduction in the rate of corporation tax to F0.10
  • Temporarily ban immigration for one year
  • Implement Austerity measures until 2022
  • Privatise all state held assets

Progressive Alliance

  • Constitutional reform by referendum
  • Legalisation of same-sex marriage and making abortion a constitutional right
  • Introduction of a windfall tax on excessive corporate profits
  • Create a federal anti-discrimination charter


Vazian federal election debates, 2019
Date Organisers Venue     P  Present    S  Surrogate    NI  Non-invitee   A  Absent invitee 
Progressive Alliance People Before Profit New Order Green Party Rising Sun Party Confederalist Party Liberal Party Regionalist Party
3 April Channel 3 University of Georges P
de Grand
3 April Channel 3 University of Georges P
de Grand

Exit Poll

Independent polling firms created an exit poll on the behalf of the VBC and Channel 2 that was revealed at the time of poll closings across the nation at 11pm. The poll predicted that the Progressive Alliance would gain seats and have a landslide majority of 79. The poll showed the collapse of the ruling coalition government which included the Liberal Party and Rising Sun party. It also showed that the New Order Party had failed to make any gains and losing 71 of its seats and that the Confederalist Party would lose all but one of their seats. People Before Profit and the Green Party would also gain more ground. With Exit Poll result, it was assumed per Forward Alliance rules that a coalition government would be formed between the Progressives, Greens and People Before Profit which would have a majority of 157.

Following results being reported in several North and Lake state constituencies, it became apparent that the exit poll had been inaccurate in its measure of support for the Progressive Alliance. Actual results saw the Progressive Alliance swept to power with a majority of 137.

Parties Seats Change
Progressive Alliance 271 Increase 252
New Order 54 Decrease 71
People before Profit 54 Decrease 3
Rising Sun Party 51 Decrease 112
Green Party 32 Increase 9
Confederalist Party 1 Decrease 9
Liberal Party 0 Decrease 66
Progressive Alliance Majority of 79


Parliament after the election.

After all 463 constituencies had been declared, the results were:

Party Leader MPs Votes
Of total Of total
Progressive Alliance Micheal Brudia 300 64.79%
300 / 463
25,812,709 41.68%
People before Profit Fred Bates 69 14.9%
69 / 463
10,503,444 16.96%
New Order Theresa de Grand 38 8.21%
38 / 463
9,091,424 14.68%
Green Party Marine Lucas 29 6.26%
29 / 350
5,753,360 9.29%
Rising Sun Party Emmanuel Matin 21 4.54%
21 / 463
5,319,845 8.59%
Confederalist Party Xino Junior 6 1.3%
6 / 463
2,836,425 4.58%
Liberal Party Paul Twilight 0 0%
0 / 463
2,260,470 3.65%

Voting summary

Popular vote
Progressive Alliance
People Before Profit
New Order


At 8am the day after the election outgoing Prime Minister North conceded the election and resigned the premiership. He told his supporters that politics has been "changed beyond recognition" and later added that he believed that both RSP and New Order parties had been "incompetent". Soon after North's resignation Micheal Brudia the now former governor of Brudia was summoned to the Presidential Palace where he was inaugurated as President. His first act was to assemble the 7th Parliament and move for the election of a new Prime Minister. At Midday the President Brudia officially appointed Racheal Povaz as Prime Minister.

Opinion Polls