2019 Yeruham attacks

2019 Yeruham attacks
Part of the Tsabaran Crisis
Date27 December 2019
11.56 - 15.19pm (UCT)
TargetYeruham, Tsabara
Attack type
Bombings, shootings, hostage crisis
Deaths197 (not including 16 perpetrators)[1]
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsFlag of alIsbah.png Al-Isbah
TBR Emblem.png Tsabaran Resistance Brigades (logistical support)
MotiveOpposition to interim unity government
Retaliation against the 2019 Tsabaran coup d'état

The 2019 Yeruham Attacks (also referred to as 27-12) were a series of terrorist attacks that took place on December 27 2019, when 16 members of Al-Isbah, a terrorist organisation based in Tsabara, carried out 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four hours across Yeruham. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began at 11.56am and ended at 15.19pm. A total of 197 people were killed (in addition to the 16 perpetrators) and 398 were injured.




Gideon Yadin station

Saint Jerome Hospital

Ganei Ekron synagogue

Church of the Holy Lady

Yair Rabin Street

Golden Bay and Yeruham Trident Hotels

Joint-Forces Raid






International and domestic reaction

23x15px Brumah – Prime Minister Sujatha Swaraj responded to the attacks via Twitter[2] and with a public letter from the 25 Botanical Gardens Rd. expressing her concern about the situation and the future of the Tsabaran people. In the letter, she also informed about the government decision to mobilise several members of the Brumhese Self-Defence Forces together with disaster reliefs teams, medical supplies and aliments. [3]

 Garambura – President Muzukuru Chiyangwa expressed his sorrow for the attacks. He later called a meeting of the Congress regarding the Adunis to Mambiza Railway and the consequences of the instability of Tsabara on it.[4]