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April 2019 Zesmynian cyberattacks
DateApril 3, 2019 (2019-04-03)
LocationWest Borea (mainly  Zesmynia)
CauseMalware, cyberterrorism
OutcomeSevere impact on various systems, civil disorder until April 23
Property damage"hundreds of billions"

On April 3, 2019, Zesmynia was struck by a wave of cyberattacks which left the country's digital infrastructure crippled until April 21. Unknown sources struck major Zesmynian websites, government and military networks, drznets, SCADA, and various other digital infrastructure, with dozens of different types of malware many of which were completely unknown. Many systems in West Borea were also affected including those of banks in Kheratia and of military networks in Razaria.

In Zesmynia, the attack was so penetrative of the heavily digitized country such that stock exchanges were crippled, traffic lights were disabled, self-driving car networks were in disarray, and most electronic-based utility controls were totally shut down. The result was carnage as physical damage resulted in huge amounts. Civil disorder occurred due to a panic over the attack's consequences, and military units attempting to prevent a supposed coup but unable to communicate with confidence exchanged fire causing casualties. Most networks and systems remained disabled until April 21. On April 23, a committee of noblemen, military officers, and officials created a junta in Zesmynia to end public disorder, to clear up communication barriers, and to investigate the cause and perpetrators of the attacks.