2019 Zesmynian crisis

The 2019 Zesmynian crisis was a series of events in Zesmynia...

April 2019 cyberattacks

April 2019 Zesmynian cyberattacks
DateApril 3, 2019 (2019-04-03)
LocationLannonia (mainly  Zesmynia)
CauseMalware, cyberterrorism
OutcomeSevere impact on various systems, civil disorder until April 23
Property damage"hundreds of billions"

On April 3, 2019, Zesmynia was struck by a wave of cyberattacks which left the country's digital infrastructure crippled until April 21. Unknown sources struck major Zesmynian websites, government and military networks, drznets, SCADA, and various other digital infrastructure, with dozens of different types of malware many of which were completely unknown. Many systems in West Borea were also affected including those of banks in ??? and of military networks in Razaria.

In Zesmynia, the attack was so penetrative of the heavily digitized country such that stock exchanges were crippled, traffic lights were disabled, self-driving car networks were in disarray, and most electronic-based utility controls were totally shut down. The result was carnage as physical damage resulted in huge amounts. Civil disorder occurred due to a panic over the attack's consequences, and military units attempting to prevent a supposed coup but unable to communicate with confidence exchanged fire causing casualties. Most networks and systems remained disabled until April 21. On April 23, a committee of noblemen, military officers, and officials created a junta in Zesmynia to end public disorder, to clear up communication barriers, and to investigate the cause and perpetrators of the attacks.

Post-cyberattack chaos

The cyberattack resulted in a prolonged period of chaos and confusion during which 1,204 people were killed due to various reasons and another 11,020 were injured. Looting was common in the large cities after the provision of necessities became suspended, and private military forces clashed on numerous occasions, often in complete confusion. 5 noble estates in Zesmynia fell into chaos after their local governments were incapacitated or destroyed in various circumstances.

Confrontation in Katvan

On April 6 troops of Sokol Lajanov, Duke of Žop, entered Katvan city to forestall possible attempts at overthrowing the imperial government during the blackout. However, they encountered units assigned to defend the capital perimeter also deployed into the city to keep order, and due to confusion exchanged fire causing 60 deaths (all of whom were civilians) and the destruction of 4 armored vehicles.

Lajanov and the commander of the capital defense forces both apologized for the incident in its aftermath.

Destruction of Little Sijang

Little Sijang was a district of Zlatikopet founded and inhabited by immigrants from Min. Paramilitaries ransacked the district beginning in April 14, after misinformation told of the perpetrator of the cyberattacks being from the district, which resulted in 164 deaths. On April 26 a large gas explosion killed another 305 inhabitants.

The imperial government relocated Little Sijang's some 12,000 inhabitants to shelters in the outskirts of Zlatikopet in the interest of safety and the area has been left vacated since.

Chervenranovid pretender uprising

Pro-government forces in Kruz, June 2019

The duchy of Kruz fell into practical lawlessness during the cyberattacks as the Duke of Kruz was assassinated in April under mysterious circumstances. In May, an individual known as Katarina Chervenranova appeared in Kruz, claimed descent from the Chervenranovids, a 'divine dynasty' of early Zesmynia, and laid claim to the Zesmynian throne. Chervenranova was joined by thousands of apparent supporters who formed a 'Holy and Righteous Army' intending to overthrow the Tukatovids and the Provisional Order Committee. Fighting between the pretender's supporters and state security forces began on May 9. By the beginning of June the rebels controlled much of Kruz, and had assembled an army that included most of the duchy's former paramilitary, large formations of volunteers, and even foreign supporters.

Over the course of June however the rebellion's gains were decisively reversed by armies drawn across the Empire. The poorly motivated, equipped, and disciplined rebels collapsed in an offensive in late June, which completely crushed the uprising as a military force. In early July the Imperial military and major estate armies withdrew from Kruz, leaving mop-up operations to police and volunteer paramilitaries. On July 13 Chervenranova was captured by special forces and soon after was sentenced to death. Order was restored to Kruz by several new lords commissioned by the government.

Death of Miroslav III and the beginning of Bronislav II's reign

On August 16 Miroslav III of Zesmynia died from an undisclosed illness after largely retreating from public view since 2017. The country entered a 16-day mourning period as is Cositene custom, after which on September 2 Bronislav II of Zesmynia, previously the Crown Prince, succeeded the throne following a ceremonial election.