Albert Zoltán II

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Albert Zoltán II
His Most Imperial and Apostolic Majesty
Emperor of Aurucolia
Reign28 February 2013 – 12 May 2029
PredecessorBalázs Čamil III
SuccessorPosition Abolished
Prime Ministers
BornPrince Albert Zoltán of Baranya and Pčinja
(1979-06-18) 18 June 1979 (age 41)
Nagykanizsa, Magyarland, Aurucolia
SpouseDaliborka Georgijević
Full name
Albert Zoltán József Nedeljko Slavomir Mevludin Dzhejtel Ruždija Nicolaas Kobus Szűts-Cellarius-Radovanović
FatherBalázs Čamil III
MotherHenrietta, Empress of Aurucolia

Albert Zoltán II (18 June 1979) is the last Emperor of Aurucolia. Succeeding his father Balázs Čamil III, he led the nation through the Imperial Crisis and the Eurasianna War, as well as the Aurucolian Wars. On 12 May 2029, he abdicated the throne after issuing a plebiscite on the dissolution of the Empire after much public pressure.

Albert Zoltán is known to be a benevolent, yet conservative, monarch who implemented a few amount of reforms.

Early Life

As Emperor

Personal Life

Titles and Honors


Grand Title

His grand title was:

His Most Imperial and Apostolic Majesty Emperor of Aurucolia, Albert Zoltán the Second, Strength of the Holy Empire, Elected by the Grace of God, Prince of Baranya, Prince of Pčinja, Sovereign of Magyarland, King of Obradovia, King of Rajkovia, Stadtholder of the Hollandic States, Hegemon of the Nazareni League, Chamberlain of the Holy Imperial College of Prince-Electors, Seneschal of the Most Holy Seat of the Catholic Church