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Alternative Coalition
LeaderSoledad Merciano
Secretary-GeneralFreddy Smith
FounderJean-Paul Yero
FoundedMarch 30, 2002
Merger of2017
Preceded byNew Social Democrats, Partie de Liberation Travailires (PLT), Fronté Dura, Independents
HeadquartersCastille de Térro, Inyursta
Youth wingOccupy Cordoba (disputed)
Membership (2018)Decrease 319,000 (approx.)
IdeologySocial Democracy
Cultural Reformationism
Political positionCentre-Left
ColoursPink, Sky Blue
Legislative Assembly31

The Alternative Coalition of Inyursta (ACY) is a small, big-tent political party in Inyursta. The ACY was created in 2002 to support the presidency of Jean-Paul Yero. Incumbent president Rafael LeCourtier was facing serious criticisms for his handling of the drug war and Red Insurgency, even from his own party, the recently formed New Social Democrats saw their chance to seize the executive, and nominated youthful playboy Jean-Paul Yero as their candidate. In March, the leftist Partie de Liberation Travailires (PLT) and the centrist-authoritarian Fronté Dura both joined in their support of Yero.

While the popular and charismatic Yero was able to win the presidency, the ACY was not able to secure a majority in the legislative assembly.


The Alternative Coalition supports adopting a progressive social policy for Inyursta. In order to accomplish this, many contemporaries argue that key elements of Inyurstan culture must be changed in order to successfully implement such policy, including diminishing the role of the Church in society, and advancing the authority and duty of the state over the reliance on the family unit (see: Cultural Reformationism). They have been accused of trying to "westernize" Inyursta.

In contrast to the CDL, the Alternative Coalition believe that the authority of a strong, centralized government should supercede lower-level and local governments. On the other hand, in contrast to the Coalition Inyursta Primiéro, they believe that the duty of said central government is to promote welfare and a modernized education system modeled off the developed world.

ACY ideologues in general believe that government is an extension of common morality, and it is the duty of the state to protect the welfare and social equity through compassionate and firm government action.


  1. Raise taxes to provide for a comprehensive federal welfare regimen and effective bureaucratic oversight
  2. Repeal Search & Sniff Laws
  3. Exit from SACTO and push for a more diversified group of allies and trade partners in line with an Internationalist foreign policy
  4. Increase protections on Inyursta's fragile environment
  5. Keep the legalization of the export of cocaïne, and decrease punishments for convicted domestic dealers
  6. Scale back Inyursta's international military presence
  7. Support federal authority over provençial and local authority
  8. Marriage is inherently an institution that is an extension of the state, therefore it must recognize non-traditional marriage


According to 2018 polling data, the ACY scores high support from the urban lower-class and... Support for the CDL is generally even by age, however voters age 26 - 34 are its strongest base in terms of age. The Alternative Coalition has a stronghold in terms of voters and local government in the provinces of Ochaca, La Suda, San Meresque Petí and San Meresque Grande.

Notable Members