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Ana Peresque
Ana Peresque
Personal details
BornApril 1st, 1992
San Roji, Inyursta
RelationsJack Peresque (father)
ResidenceSan Ignaçio, Inyursta
Alma materUniversité National de Jacques Duvalier
ProfessionPhysician (In training)

Ana Priscilla Peresque-Fuelí is the daughter of former president Jack Peresque and his wife, Maria Fuelí Peresque.

In 2018 she was the target of a Homofront attack in San Ignaçio.


Ana Peresque studied medicine at the prestigious Université National de Jacques Duvalier, where she graduated with honors. She was then accepted into a post-graduate internship shadowing doctors at Centré Médical DeLadas. Her program is expected to last three years before becoming a certified physician.

It was during this time when she was targeted by Homofront terrorists in the infamous 2018 San Ignaçio Massacre. Ana escaped with severe injury, including catching a glass shard in her neck, but survived and made a quick recovery. It is beleived the attacker mistook another woman for her, while she was behind a glass window.


Ana's politics differ somewhat from her father's. A social media post she made supporting then-candidate Jacob de la Porçéza made headlines, and since then she has come out as an unrepentant and registered CDL supporter. She is also known to be an huge conservationist and opponent of off-shore drilling.