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Armando Villanueve
Armando Villanueve
Birth nameArmando Vidal Villaneuve de Sant-Gérard
BornNovember 18th, 1988
San Ignaçio, Inyursta
Allegiance Inyursta
Service/branchInyursta Inyurstan Army
Years of service2008-2014
Unit51st Military Intelligence
Other workPrivate Security Analyst, Author, Defense/Intel Advisor to IFC Ambassador Melissa de Vertrún

Armando Vidal Villaneuve de Sant-Gérard is a famous intelligence analyst and a current part of the Inyurstan delegation to the IFC. He is well known for his critical assements of traditional military and security operations in the modern age. Many also attribute Villaneuve's notoriety for incurring a government-issue communique upset over his statements during an interview on Télécoup News; however, it is known that he was publishing books and contributing to news discussions long before drawing the ire of a certain regime.


In 2008, Villaneuve was directly commissioned into the Inyurstan Army. Following intel school (AIS2), he was assigned to the 51st Military Intelligence Regiment, where he served for four years and eventually acheived the rank of captain.

The exact nature of his work or his deployments is classified and officially unknown; however Armando Villanueve himself has publicly expressed quote "deep understanding of the geopolitical situation in the Ruol Sea region"; leading many to speculate that he was deployed to either Ruolnik or the Cevronik Isles during the Lolloh-Ruol Wars.

Later Work

Upon leaving the Army, Armando was hired by a private security contracting firm and worked with companies such as CopraMédical and Nuveau Pétrol assessing high-risk areas in the Southern Territories and managing cyber security situations.

He began writing and publishing works regarding intel, security and foreign policy concurrently with his civilian job. His works were well-received by the public and military leaders alike, and Armando's status lead him to become a part-time contributor for news stations such as Télécoup News and Augillo Un.

The Inyurstan government later appointed Villaneuve a special advisor to their IFC delegation following the overturning of their illegal expulsion.


As a part time occupation, Villaneuve has written several works relying his expertise in the military intelligence field. Most famous among them include:

Sharing Falsehoods: The Role of Social Media in Modern Counter-Intel: Detailing the apparent erosion of OPSEC thanks to the rise of social media, but arguing such platforms are useful for the mass-spreading of bad intel or intentional ploys. (2016)

Breaking the Paper Tiger: Empty Diplomacy and the Facade of Western Maritime Dominance: Explaining the quote "insurmountable disadvantage" enforcing customs & conventions abroad in the face of modern A2/D2 capabilities the inability of supposed powers to force change or negotiation through diplomatic means in a multipolar world. (2016)

Molten Copper: Understanding Anschalvik: Villaneuve explains the deep, inter-generational hatred between Ruols and Lollohians (known locally as Anschalvik) and defends the dissolution of Lolloh as a sovereign state. (2017)

Illusion of the Beta Male: Falsehoods of Progressive Masculinity and Military Inferiority: Dismissing the stereotype of the "liberal pussy" and discussing the implications of this view when confronting western liberal democracies; such that the repetition of said stereotype is counter-productive when challenging the military-intelligence apparatus of hostile progressive powers. (2018; co-authored with Reynaldo DuPresíes)

Political Views

Armando has expressed mixed political views. He identifies himself as an independent, and has no party affiliation. In a 2017 interview he expressed his undecided position saying quote "I support the economic and protectionist policies of Monsenor De la Porçézaas well as the social views and foreign policy goals of Monsenor Calderone..."