Artaud Flecques

Artaud Flecques
Born(1814-12-08)8 December 1814
Died28 March 1875(1875-03-28) (aged 60)
Hammervik, Tacalia
Alma materUniversity of Saint-Beaune
Era19th-century philosophy

Artaud Flecques was an Apelian theorist, philosopher, sociologist and economist. He is most well-known for authoring La Societe, in which he analyzed the social dynamics of socioeconomic classes and advocated for the radical shifting of class dynamics towards a utopian ideal. His works and worldviews form the essence of Flecquism, which would become the philosophical and ideological base for Socialism and Communism. His works drew criticism from the ruling elite of the time, leading to his expulsion from Apelia and his resettling in Savland and later Tacalia, where he died. His work has been credited as some of the most influential in modern history, due largely to the Great Powers such as Luepola, Poicary, and his home country Apelia, which would each later adopt variations of his ideals into their governance.

Great opposition has arisen to his works, particularly due to its influence behind the belligerent Socialist Internationale of the Great War. However, his ideology has persisted through the SI's defeat, largely due to the Aitic Union and Bhasar's success in normalizing relations with the Allied Powers after the war.