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===The Bombing of Palace de Esgar===
===The Bombing of Palace de Esgar===
===The Harren Island Civil War===
===The Harrenese Civil War===
===Assassination of Daniel Ross===
===Assassination of Daniel Ross===

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Asgarthian Civil War (The War of the Griffins)
Clockwise from top left: Slavacian Mito Island Naval Base; A Kaiserrelman amphibious warfare vessel prepares to be loaded; Ancient Throne of the Shangese Emperors (Strei-Ar)
Date28/03/2084 - Present (Asgarthian Standard Date)
Mainly Asgarthian Empire, Localized skirmishes elsewhere
Status Ongoing
The Asgar Red Front
Supported by  Greater Slavacia
House of Ross (Yulta's Branch)
Supported by  Romae in Perpetuum
Basok's Rebellion Asgar Loyalists House of Ross (Luxus' Branch)
Supported by  Kaiserrealm
Commanders and leaders
Asgar Red Front Supreme Soviet of Asgar
Greater Slavacia S.A. Petrov
Asgareth Yulta Ross 
Roman Empire Leximus Ross
Emperor Basok Alt
Vilhelm Alt
Asgareth General Ako Perca Kaiserrealm Emperor Luxus Ross
Units involved
Asgar Red Front Communist Rebel Groups
Greater Slavacia Mito Military District
Greater Slavacia Mito Fleet
Greater Slavacia MGB
Asgareth Black Guard  
Roman Empire Numerus Skjoldorum  
Basok's Militia Asgareth Asgarthian Ground Force Kaiserrealm Kaiserrealm Expeditionary Corp
Red Front:
2-7 million party members
900,000 active combatants
Slavacian Mito Military District:
25,000 men
1000 tanks and IFVs
Mito Fleet
Shangese Rebels
Roman Army
Basok's Militia
Approx. 120 Million Asgarthian Men, Women & Children
Asgarthian Military Kaiserrealm Expeditionary Corp
Casualties and losses
0 Casualties
102 Casualties
102 Dead
Yulta Ross 
0 Casualties
141 Casualties
47 Dead
94 Injured
General Edmund de'Lance 
General Oskin Pasquin 
Rupert Merritt 
0 Casualties

The Asgarthian Civil War also known as The War of the Griffins is an ongoing multi-sided civil war in Asgareth fought between the Asgarthian Military led by General Ako Perca, against several claimants to the Asgarthian throne and several resistance groups.

The war began following the Bombing of Asgar House on 28th March 2084, which resulted in the deaths of several key Asgarthian leaders including General Edmund de’Lance, the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Origin. Hours later, the Battle of Shang Palace occurred, resulting in the death of Yulta Ross.

The war is being fought between multiple factions, including but not limited to; the Asgarthian military, Basok Alt’s loyalist forces, the Delvorni Independence Movement, the Shangese Movement for Independence, The Red Front, and three different factions led by different branches of the House of Ross. These various factions are backed by a variety of nations and governments including Skjoldur, Kaiserrealm and Greater Slavacia.

The Asgarthian military seek to maintain martial law in Asgareth, after it was instated by General de’Lance following the death of Daniel Ross. Both the Delvorni Independence Movement and the Shangese Movement for Independence seek autonomy for the Epiloan Islands and Isles of Archon respectively, and are in something of a loose alliance. The Red Front seeks to implement democratic socialism within the Empire. Meanwhile, Basok Alt, Leximus Ross, Yulta Ross and Regana Ross have all claimed the right to rule Asgareth.


The Bombing of Palace de Esgar

The Harrenese Civil War

Assassination of Daniel Ross

Bombing of Asgar House


Battle of Shang Palace

Main Article: Battle of Shang Palace

Considered to be the opening act of hostilities in the civil war, the battle of Shang Palace in Strei-Ar saw the death of the strongest claimant to the throne of Asgar: Yulta Ross. It involved elements of the 20th Ground Force opposed by the palace guard. After several hours, all defenders were killed. However, Yulta's wife, Octavia Julia as well as her children escaped trough the passage. Some historians claim that Yulta's death was self sacrificial in nature, as he is said to have stayed behind to seal the exit with his body.

Kaiserrealman Preparations

General Order 436

Main Article: General Order 436