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Asteria Superior

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Asteria Superior
Astérie Supérieure
Astèria Superior
Asteria Superiore
Asterika Verkhnyaya
Seiriceá Móra
Ästeria Överlägsen
Astéria Superiore
Asteria Superior orthographic projection.png
Location of Asteria Superior (dark green).
Area20,062,748 km²
(7,746,270 sq mi)
Countries and territories Alexandria
 Imagua and the Assimas
Nominal GDP$8.751 trillion
GDP per capita$26,958
Time zonesUTC+8 - UTC+13
Capital cities Lafayette

Halland Avelon
Imagua and the Assimas Cuanstad
Maracao Porto Leste
Marirana Aquinas
Nuxica City
DependenciesGaullica Îles de Saints
Narozalica George Ruset Land
Halland St. Ellen

Asteria Superior is a continent located entirely in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres of Kylaris. The vast continent is bounded by the bustling Vehemens Ocean to the west, the frigid Florian Ocean to the north, the extensive Lumine Ocean to the east, and the smaller Arucian Sea to the south, which separates the continent from its closest neighbour, Asteria Inferior.

The continent is second only to Coius in land area, covering 20,062,748 square kilometres. Though a highly populated continent, home to a population of over 324 million, it has a relatively low population density for its size. Climate on the continent is markedly variant, with continental biomes ranging from frozen tundra in the north to tropical rainforests in the south.

Though continually inhabited following transcontinental migrations approximately 40,000 to 17,000 years ago, the continent was only encountered by Eucleans and Coians in the late 1400s, leading to it and its neighbour, Asteria Inferior, being dubbed 'the New World'. The ensuing transvehemenic migration and colonisation has markedly impacted Asteria Superior, the modern population of which reflects interactions between Euclean colonists, indigenous peoples, Bahian slaves and their descendants.

In the modern period, the continent is divided into nine sovereign states (more if the nearby Arucian is considered), four of which are members of the AFDC. The Republic of Cassier is the largest country on the continent, spanning 9,405,868 square kilometres, though Nuxica is the most populous, with a population of 77,895,231, 24% of the continents total.


Alongside Asteria Inferior, the continental name Asteria is derived from the name of Hashim ibn Ashtar, a Badawiyan explorer in the service of the Crown of Caldia, who is lauded with having first chartered the Asterias, opening the continents up to Euclean colonisation. His Solarianised name of Assim Asteris therefore gave rise to the name Asteria. The northern continent, being the larger and more widely populated of the two, was christened with the Solarian suffix Superior, indicating its greater size.


Pre-Asteris period

Colonial period

Modern period



Status of the Arucian


List of states and territories

Name Capital Population Area Head of State Head of Government Government type
Alexandria Lafayette 832,000 122,555 km2 Thérèse Besnard Achille Couturier Semi-presidential republic
Cassier Nouvelle-Rayenne 39,689,032 9,405,868 km2
Jean Tremblay
Parliamentary republic
Eldmark Hammarvik 34,764,129 1,614,037 km2 Thyri I Tyra Brahe Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Halland Halland Avelon 63,873,808 1,831,549.44 km2 Arthur Quinn Sean Mac Dónaill Parliamentary republic
 Imagua and the Assimas Imagua and the Assimas Cuanstad 1,306,505 24,085 km2 Edmondo Privitera Douglas Egnell Parliamentary republic
 Maracao Maracao Porto Leste 3,497,281 40,140 km2 Adão Costa Julio Fonseca Semi-presidential republic
 Marirana Marirana Aquinas 48,455,700 1,494,868 km2 Dario Lorenzin Enzo Alfano Semi-presidential republic
Nuxica Nuxica City 77,895,231 2,705,741 km2 Zacarías Figueroa Florencio Resende Semi-presidential republic
Vinalia Vinalinsk 24,632,731 tbd km2 Ersnt Rupold Omelyan Pavlov Parliamentary republic