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Aurabelle Riza
Aurabelle Riza
Personal details
BornMay 16th, 1991
Madrija, Inyursta
ResidenceSan Paulo
Alma materUniversité National de Madrija
ProfessionBusiness Owner

Aurabelle Esmé Riza-Elagrino is the current owner and CEO of Riza Liqueurs, a premier alcohol production and distribution company, started by her great-grandfather, Mauricio Riza. Her mother died when she was still a toddler and Riza was raised by her father, Benito Riza, and was pampered to take over the family business. She was twenty-six when her father suffered a stroke, and subsequently retired, leaving her in full control of Riza Liqueurs. Under her leadership, stocks and profits have remained mostly stable with a slight increase as of late. Since she took over, the company has began crafting and exporting wines and sangria, much of which comes from her own private ranch in San Paulo.