Battle of Shang Palace

Battle of Shang Palace
Part of Asgarthian Civil War
Ducky Class APCs lead the Assault on the Palace
Date28/03/2084 (Asgar Standard Date)
Shang Palace, Strei-Ar
Result Total Loyalist Victory
AsgarethHouse of Ross (Yulta's Branch) Asgareth Asgareth Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Asgareth Yulta Ross 
Asgareth Major Cykil Kovar  
Asgareth Captain Kevi Farca
Units involved
Asgareth Black Guard  
Romae in Perpetuum Numerus Skjoldorum  
Asgareth 20th Ground Force
About 100 in total 4 APC
Multiple trucks
Casualties and losses
102 Casualties
102 Dead
141 Casualties
47 Dead
94 Wounded

The Battle of Shang Palace was a small-scale engagement between elements of the Asgar 20th Ground Force and the Palace Guards of Shang Palace, leading to the fall of the palace and the death of all defenders. The victorious side executed Yulta Ross however his wife and children managed to escape the palace via an underground tunnel. This battle is considered the first battle of the Asgarthian Civil War