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The Caliph is the head of state and head of government of a Caliphate, currently The Ashleigh Caliphate.

Edward Ashleigh

since September 2021
Typehead of state, head of government
Reports toChief Qadi of Sharifistan
ResidenceCaliph's Palace, Madinat Al-Islam, Sharifistan, Ashleigh Caliphate
AppointerEd Ashleigh
Current Caliph
First holderAbu Bakr


Subject to the Quran, the Caliph has the power to:

Declare either war or peace with a foreign country

Grant pardons and commutations for crimes

Sign treaties of various types

Formulate decrees including a Kanun.

Public opinion

65.5% of Muslims support the concept of a Caliphate but only 52.5% support Edward Ashleigh as the Caliph. Amongst members of non-Muslim minorities, 48.5% supported a Caliph and 25.5% supported Ashleigh.

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