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Campionato Esportiva 24
Campionato Esportiva - Velestria 0322
Tournament details
Host countryVelestria
Dates1 June – 13 June
Teams24 (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s)8 (in 8 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Kita-Hinode (2nd title)
Runners-up Dreamplanet
Third place Mattijana
Fourth place Damukuni
Tournament statistics
Matches played52
Goals scored184 (3.54 per match)
Top scorer(s)Dreamplanet Luis Silva (9 goals)
Best player(s)Kita-Hinode Iori Saitou
Best young playerDreamplanet Miguel Benedito

The 24th Campionato Esportiva, commonly referred to as Campionato Esportiva XXIV or simply CE 24, was the 24th Campionato Esportiva, the quadrennial international men's football championship of Esportiva. It was held in Velestria from 10 June to 13 June 2019. Mattijana were the defending champions, having won the CE 23 tournaments, but were eliminated in the semi-final by Dreamplanet. Kita-Hinode won the tournament for the second time, following a 4–1 victory over underdogs Dreamplanet, in the final played at the Kylde Stadium.

The tournament was rich in surprises and upsets: San José Guayabal and Polkopia were eliminated in the group stage, Apox, South Covello and Mattijana had to resort to advancing as one of the best third placed teams, while Mattijana, the defending champions, were knocked out in the quarter-finals by Dreamplanet. The Kita-Hinode team went on a flawless victory streak to reach the final, eliminating Apox and Brenecia along the way. Dreamplanet were defeated by Kita-Hinode with goals from Iori Saitou, Cherry Whitecastle and Kalamani Kanani. Dreamplanet's run was unexpected, considering that they had only debuted in the previous edition of the Campionato Esportiva and failed to win a game.

The Campionato Esportiva tournament was contested by 24 teams, Under this format, the finalists contested a group stage consisting of six groups of four teams, followed by a knockout phase including three rounds and the final.

Velestria was chosen as the host nation on 25 May 2019, after a bidding process in which they were uncontested for the right to host the 24th edition. The matches were played in eight stadiums in eight cities: Dragonpoolborough, Reading-upon-Wychester, Fullham, Applegate City, Southampshire, Green Landing, Agraria and Old Birmingham. It was the first time that Velestria hosted the finals.

Bid process

Only one bid came before the deadline on 19 May 2019. Velestria being the only single bid.

The host was selected on 25 May 2019.

Voting results
Country Round
1st (votes)
 Velestria 2
Re-open bidding 1
Abstain 0
Total 3

Qualified teams

Nineteen of the thirty-two teams (including hosts Velestria) that entered for CE 23 entered again for the 2016 final tournament. Among them were defending European champions Mattijana, and last edition's runners-up Brenecia.

Western Carolina Union, Ceyne Isles and Ancherion all had their debut after missing out on the 23th edition. Returning to the final tournament after long absences were Polkopia for the first time since CE 17, and San Jose Guayabal for the first time since their last appeareance at CE 20.

Three teams secured their first-ever qualification to a Campionato Esportiva tournament: Western Carolina Union, Ceyne Isles and Ancherion all having their debut after missing out on the 23th edition, neither had ever participated in a major tournament.

Gergary and Vangaziland originally had planned to enter but later withdraw due to unspecified reasons.

Bold indicates champion for that year. Italic indicates host for that year.

Team Entered on Best finish in tournament
 Damukuni 4 May 2019 Round of 16 (CE 15)
 San José Guayabal 4 May 2019 Runners-Up (CE 15, CE 18)
 Fhulghamous Peninsula 4 May 2019 Third Place (CE 23)
 Copper Cuprum 4 May 2019 Round of 16 (CE 21, CE 22)
 Brenecia 4 May 2019 Champions (CE 14, CE 17, CE 19, CE 22)
 Ceyne Isles 4 May 2019 Group Stage (CE 19)
 Mattijana 4 May 2015 Champions (CE 23)
 Ancherion 4 May 2019 Debut
 ROBOSTANIA 4 May 2019 Debut
 Velestria (H) 4 May 2019 Group Stage (CE 23)
 Apox 4 May 2019 Champions (CE 4, CE 5, CE 16)
 Filindostan 4 May 2019 Third Place (CE 23)
 Bongo Johnson 4 May 2019 Round of 16 (CE 4)
 Dreamplanet 4 May 2019 Group Stage (CE 23)
 Xanneria 4 May 2019 Group Stage (CE 23)
 The Golden Lotus 5 May 2019 Round of 16 (CE 23)
 Kita-Hinode 5 May 2019 Champions (CE 21)
 Racing 5 May 2019 Quarter-Final (CE 22)
 Cyborg Cocoabo Islands 7 May 2019 Group Stage (CE 23)
 Polkopia 7 May 2019 Quarter-Final (CE 17)
 Western Carolina Union 9 May 2019 Debut
 South Covello 16 May 2019 Quarter-Final (CE 23)
 Natanians and Nosts 17 May 2019 Quarter-Final (CE 23)
 Newmanistan 19 May 2019 Round of 16 (CE 21, CE 22, CE 23)

Final draw

The draw for the finals took place in Southampshire, Velestria on 25 May 2019 at 1:57 PM. The 24 qualified teams were drawn into six groups of four teams, with the hosts Velestria being automatically placed in position A1. The remaining teams were seeded into four pots of five (Pot 1) or six teams (Pots 2, 3 and 4). As the title holders, Mattijana were seeded in Pot 1, while the other 22 teams were seeded according to the CE Rankings updated after the completion of the 23rd Campionato Esportiva.

Hosts Velestria (coefficient 3.06; rank 21st) were automatically assigned to position A1 and reigning champions Mattijana.

Pot 1
Team Coeff Rank
 Velestria (Hosts) 3.06 21
 Brenecia 20.56 1
 South Covello 16.13 2
 Kita-Hinode 14.96 3
 Mattijana 13.41 4
 Fhulghamous Peninsula 10.15 6
Pot 2
Team Coeff Rank
 Natanians and Nosts 9.87 6
 Damukuni 9.73 8
 Filindostan 9.35 10
 Apox 8.68 11
 Racing 5.97 13
 Newmanistan 5.84 14
Pot 3
Team Coeff Rank
 Copper Cuprum 5.41 16
 Bongo Johnson 3.56 20
 Dreamplanet 3.53 21
 Xanneria 3.36 22
 The Golden Lotus 2.74 24
 Cyborg Cocoabo Islands 2.62 25
Pot 4
Team Coeff Rank
 Ancherion 0 UR
 Ceyne Isles 0 UR
 Polkopia 0 UR
 San José Guayabal 0 UR
 Western Carolina Union 0 UR

Teams were drawn consecutively into Group A to F. First, the Pot 1 teams were assigned to the first positions of their groups, while next the positions of all other teams were drawn separately from Pot 4 to 2 (for the purposes of determining the match schedules in each group).

The draw resulted in the following groups:

Group A
Pos Team
A1  Velestria
A2  Filindostan
A3  Bongo Johnson
Group B
Pos Team
B1  South Covello
B2  Damukuni
B3  Copper Cuprum
B4  Western Carolina Union
Group C
Pos Team
C1  Mattijana
C2  Newmanistan
C3  Xanneria
C4  Polkopia
Group D
Pos Team
D1  Fhulghamous Peninsula
D2  Apox
D3  Dreamplanet
D4  San José Guayabal
Group E
Pos Team
E1  Kita-Hinode
E2  Racing
E3  The Golden Lotus
E4  Ceyne Isles
Group F
Pos Team
F1  Brenecia
F2  Natanians and Nosts
F3  Cyborg Cocoabo Islands
F4  Ancherion


Eight stadiums were used for the competition, chosen on 30 May 2019.

The choices were Dragonpoolborough, Reading-upon-Wychester, Fullham, Applegate City, Southampshire, Green Landing, Agraria and Old Birmingham, each city had a stadium and infamously Agaria had a stadium built just for the purpose of hosting the Campionato Esportiva.

Finals format

To accommodate the expansion from a 16-team finals tournament to 24 teams, the format was changed from that used in 2012 with the addition of two extra groups in the group stage, and an extra round in the knockout phases. The six groups (A to F) still contained four teams each, with the top two from each group still going through to the knockout phase. In the new format, however, the four best third-ranked sides also progress, leaving 16 teams going into the new round-of-16 knockout phases, ahead of the usual quarter-finals, semi-finals and final, and only 8 teams going out at the group stage. The format is exactly the one that was applied to the previous edition, this format generates a total of 52 matches.

Group stage

Velestria announced the tournament schedule on 25 May 2019. Group winners, runners-up, and the best four third-placed teams advanced to the Round of 16.


If two or more teams were equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following tie-breaking criteria would be applied:

  1. Higher number of points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question;
  2. Superior goal difference resulting from the matches played between the teams in question;
  3. Higher number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question;
  4. If, after having applied criteria 1 to 3, teams still had an equal ranking (e.g. if criteria 1 to 3 were applied to three teams that were level on points initially and these criteria separated one team from the other two who still have an equal ranking), criteria 1 to 3 would be reapplied exclusively to the matches between the teams who were still level to determine their final rankings. If this procedure did not lead to a decision, criteria 5 to 9 would apply;
  5. Superior goal difference in all group matches;
  6. Higher number of goals scored in all group matches;
  7. If only two teams had the same number of points, and they were tied according to criteria 1–6 after having met in the last round of the group stage, their ranking would be determined by a penalty shoot-out. (This criterion would not be used if more than two teams had the same number of points.);
  8. A coin flip would be held to break the tie.

Group A

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Filindostan 3 2 1 0 11 3 +8 7 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Velestria 3 2 1 0 7 3 +4 7
3  ROBOSTANIA 3 1 0 2 4 9 -5 3
4  Bongo Johnson 3 0 0 3 1 8 -7 0
Velestria 2–1 ROBOSTANIA
Filindostan 3–0 ROBOSTANIA

ROBOSTANIA 1–0 Bongo Johnson
Velestria 1–1 Filindostan

Filindostan 7–2 ROBOSTANIA
Bongo Johnson 1–4 Velestria

Group B

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Damukuni 3 2 1 0 6 1 +5 7 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Copper Cuprum 3 2 0 1 4 3 +1 6
3  South Covello 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
4  Western Carolina Union 3 0 0 3 1 7 -6 0
South Covello 1–0 Western Carolina Union
Damukuni 1–0 Copper Cuprum

South Covello 1–1 Damukuni
Western Carolina Union 1–2 Copper Cuprum

Damukuni 4–0 Western Carolina Union
Copper Cuprum 2–1 Velestria

Group C

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Xanneria 3 2 0 1 7 4 +3 6 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Newmanistan 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6
3  Mattijana 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
4  Polkopia 3 0 0 3 2 10 -8 0
Mattijana 2–0 Polkopia
Newmanistan 1–0 Xanneria
Chase Lassiter Goal 62'

Polkopia 1–4 Xanneria
Mattijana 2–1 Newmanistan

Newmanistan 4–1 Polkopia
Xanneria 3–2 Mattijana
Glenn Hailey Goal ?'
Richard Presentino Goal ?'
Devon'elle Leymore Goal 82'
Goal ?' Sofiane Bisrali
Goal 70' Kara Lorenzič

Group D

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Dreamplanet 3 2 1 0 8 3 +5 7 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Fhulghamous Peninsula 3 2 1 0 7 2 +5 7
3  Apox 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3
4  San José Guayabal 3 0 0 3 1 10 -9 0
Apox 1–4 Dreamplanet
Marcy Blake-Tatum Goal 58' Goal 13'17'80' Luis Silva
Goal 51' Paulo Figueiredo

Dreamplanet 3–1 San José Guayabal
Luis Silva Goal 38'
Aaron Hungar Goal 46'
Miguel Benedito Goal 89'
Goal 7' Marco Palacios

Apox 3–0 San José Guayabal
Fhulghamous Peninsula 1–1 Dreamplanet
Salvatore Pelucci Goal 27' Goal 63' Antonio Luis

Group E

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Kita-Hinode 3 3 0 0 5 2 +3 9 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Racing 3 2 0 1 8 6 +2 6
3  Ceyne Isles 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
4  The Golden Lotus 3 0 0 3 0 4 -4 0
Kita-Hinode 1–0 Ceyne Isles
Racing 2–0 The Golden Lotus

Ceyne Isles 1–0 The Golden Lotus
Kita-Hinode 3–2 Racing

Racing 4–3 Ceyne Isles
The Golden Lotus 0–1 Kita-Hinode

Group F

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1  Brenecia 3 3 0 0 9 2 +7 9 Advance to Knockout phase
2  Natanians and Nosts 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6
3  Cyborg Cocoabo Islands 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
4  Ancherion 3 0 0 3 4 13 -9 0
Brenecia 6–2 Ancherion
Elysse Matheson Goal 28'
Kara Ciogach Goal 33'80'
Lauren Cheney Goal 41'
Cathal Keynes Goal 58'
Niall Bremner Goal 88'
Goal ??'??'

Ancherion 2–3 Cyborg Cocoabo Islands
Brenecia 2–0 Natanians and Nosts
Kara Ciogach Goal 17'
Corby Wheeler Goal 48'

Natanians and Nosts 4–0 Ancherion
Cyborg Cocoabo Islands 0–1 Brenecia
Goal 63' Ceridwen Fletcher

Ranking of third-placed teams

Mattijana was the top third-placed team with South Covello in second best and Apox was the third best as a result of having more goals than the Ceyne Isles who finished ahead of the Cyborg Cocoabo Islands due to a coinflip.

Pos Grp Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Points Qualification
1 C  Mattijana 3 2 0 1 6 4 +2 6 Advance to Knockout phase
2 B  South Covello 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
3 D  Apox 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3
4 E  Ceyne Isles 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
5 F  Cyborg Cocoabo Islands 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
6 A  ROBOSTANIA 3 1 0 2 4 9 -5 3

Knockout phase

In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary.

The top two placed teams from each of the six groups, plus the four best-placed third teams, qualified for the knockout stage, the following teams qualified for the round of 16:

Group Winners Runners-up Third-placed teams
(Best four qualify)
A  Filindostan  Velestria N/A
B  Damukuni  Copper Cuprum  South Covello
C  Xanneria  Newmanistan  Mattijana
D  Dreamplanet  Fhulghamous Peninsula  Apox
E  Kita-Hinode  Racing  Ceyne Isles
F  Brenecia  Natanians and Nosts N/A


Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
7 June – The Moor
 Velestria (p)1 (4)
9 June – The Moor
 Newmanistan1 (2)
7 June – Riverwood Stadium
11 June – Klyde Stadium
 South Covello2
 Dreamplanet (p)2 (4)
7 June – The Moor
 Mattijana2 (1)
9 June – Hartford Park
7 June – Saints Park
 Copper Cuprum0
13 June – Klyde Stadium
7 June – Stadium of Vonna
9 June – Riverwood Stadium
 Apox2 (3)
7 June – Riverwood Stadium
 Kita-Hinode (p)2 (4)
11 June – Klyde Stadium
 Fhulghamous Peninsula4
 Kita-Hinode (a.e.t.)2
7 June – Blue Sky Sports Complex
 Damukuni1 Third place play-off
9 June – Birmingham-Park12 June – Klyde Stadium
 Ceyne Isles0
 Damukuni1 Mattijana3
7 June – Hartford Park
 Natanians and Nosts0  Damukuni0
 Natanians and Nosts5

Round of 16

Velestria 1–1 (a.e.t.) Newmanistan

Dreamplanet 3–2 South Covello
Luis Silva Goal 43'67'
Aaron Hungar Goal 90+3'
Goal 23' Coconut Charles
Goal 31' Henry Ocho

Filindostan 2–4 Mattijana

Copper Cuprum 0–2 Brenecia
Goal 71' Kara Ciogach
Goal 80' Falcon Case

Copper Cuprum 2–3 Apox

Damukuni 1–0 Ceyne Isles

Natanians and Nosts 5–3 Racing


Velestria 1–2 Dreamplanet
Augusta Clark Goal 67' Goal 51' Luis Silva
Goal 79' Jorge Cardozo

Mattijana 3–2 Brenecia
Mattias Hoffman Goal ?'
Kara Lorenzič Goal ?'
Marko Hojbjerg Goal 75'
Goal ?'43' Kara Ciogach

Apox 2–2 (a.e.t.) Kita-Hinode

Damukuni 1–0 Natanians and Nosts


Dreamplanet 2–2 (a.e.t.) Mattijana
Luis Silva Goal 37'81' Goal 57'90+1' Kara Lorenzič
Luis Silva Penalty scored
Aaron Hungar Penalty scored
Antonio Luis Penalty scored
Miguel Benedito Penalty scored
4–1 Penalty scored Kara Lorenzič
Penalty missed Mattias Hoffman
Penalty missed Katarina Jakupovic

Kita-Hinode 2–1 (a.e.t.) Damukuni

Third place play-off

Mattijana 3–0 Damukuni


Dreamplanet 1–4 Kita-Hinode
Antonio Luis Goal 10' Goal 37' (pen.) Iori Saitou
Goal 56' Cherry Whitecastle
Goal 81'88' Kamalani Kanani
Attendance: 49,932



There were 184 goals scored in 52 matches, for an average of 3.54 goals per match.

9 goals

7 goals

  • Kita-Hinode Iori Saitou

6 goals

  • Brenecia Kara Ciogach

4 goals

  • Mattijana Kara Lorenzič

3 goals

2 goals

  • Dreamplanet Antonio Luis
  • Kita-Hinode Kamalani Kanani
  • Mattijana Marko Hojbjerg

1 goal

  • Apox Marcy Blake-Tatum
  • Brenecia Cathal Keynes
  • Brenecia Ceridwen Fletcher
  • Brenecia Corby Wheeler
  • Brenecia Elysse Matheson
  • Brenecia Falcon Case
  • Brenecia Lauren Cheney
  • Brenecia Niall Bremner
  • Dreamplanet Jorge Cardozo
  • Dreamplanet Miguel Benedito
  • Dreamplanet Paulo Figueiredo
  • Fhulghamous Peninsula Salvatore Pelucci
  • Kita-Hinode Cherry Whitecastle
  • Mattijana Mattias Hoffman
  • Mattijana Sofiane Bisrali
  • Newmanistan Robert Webster
  • San José Guayabal Marco Palacios
  • South Covello Coconut Charles
  • South Covello Henry Ocho
  • Velestria Agusta Clark
  • Xanneria Devon'elle Leymore
  • Xanneria Glenn Hailey
  • Xanneria Richard Presentino


8 assists

  • Kita-Hinode Cherry Whitecastle

4 assists

  • Dreamplanet Miguel Benedito

3 assists

2 assists

  • Mattijana Jessika Struna

1 assist

  • Brenecia Cathal Keynes
  • Dreamplanet Luis da Costa
  • Dreamplanet Luis Silva
  • Kita-Hinode Han Ji-hun
  • Kita-Hinode Iori Saitou
  • Kita-Hinode Raiden Kojima
  • Newmanistan Chase Lassiter
  • Mattijana Katarina Jakupovic
  • Mattijana Sophia Velezia
  • Velestria Chris Banker
  • Xanneria Jamar Lyman

Clean sheets

4 clean sheets
  • Damukuni Joni Toklu
3 clean sheets
  • Brenecia Rostyn Calhoun
2 clean sheets
  • Kita-Hinode Han Ji-Hun
  • Mattijana Lucija Handanovic
1 clean sheet
  • Apox Tregatta Spitfire
  • Ceyne Isles Anna St. Preux
  • Fhulghamous Peninsula Bradini Vazconcelos Redentor
  • Filindostan Gerry Nafari Nasution
  • Natanians and Nosts João Foster
  • Newmanistan Sergio Lopez
  • Racing James Vasser
  • South Covello Matthew Tyler


A player is automatically suspended for the next match for the following offences:

  • Receiving a red card (red card suspensions may be extended for serious offences)
  • Receiving two yellow cards in two different matches; yellow cards expire after the completion of the quarter-finals (yellow card suspensions are not carried forward to any other future international matches)

The following suspensions were served during the tournament:

Player Offence(s) Suspension(s)
South Covello Cal Yachtwood Red card in Round of 16 vs Dreamplanet (7 June 2019) Quarter-Final (9 June 2019)
Dreamplanet Jorge Cardozo Yellow card Yellow-red card in Quarter-Final vs Velestria (9 June 2019) Semi-Final vs Mattijana (9 June 2019)

Issues & Controversies

Velish protests

Despite a promising and hopeful bidding campaign, the Velish natives were not happy with the outcome that bidding for the Campionato Esportiva had been, most highlighted the promise of changing the life of the locals for the better which was aggravated by the N$700 refurbishment fee, however protests were had on the opening days with the chants of "CE go home" around Reading-upon-Wychester despite the warm welcome from the foreign fans as the political climate in Velestria was one of suspected corruption, an economical crisis looming and social services crumbling, fans were also aggrevated by the N$960 price for the opening game of the tournament and the poor state of Hartford Park called into question. The High Primo of the Eden Church of The Ja’barilands sent a message wishing Velestria “the 7 Sons’ blessings” and called for football to be used as a tool of peace to unite the peoples of the Crown Federation and heal broken ties throughout the nation, but in Old Birmingham tear gas had been used on 400 protesters by military police and riot enforcement personnel due to the protesters disrupting the entrance to the stadium, raising security concerns and Statminister Winfrey Godsend questioned whether the Velish police could repell the so-called "attacks on democracy" throughout the tournament.

Despite this, the tournament has been considered a success by both the foreign delegations and the Velish government with a good atmosphere reported as many of the Velish fans had been calmed down by the good run of the hosts which lasted until the quarterfinal, commendations for the opening and closing ceremonies and it has become a tournament that the fans look back well on as a result of the many surprises of the tournament.

Referee competence and bias

In the South Covello vs Dreamplanet match in the Round of 16, Aaron Hungar had headed in a late corner in the 93rd minute, usually referees allow a few minutes if not seconds of play to see if the conceding team could salvage anything if possible, however the referee blew straight for full time during the celebrations, the South Covello players surrounded and inquired to the referee who refused any protest, the South Covellan press acused the referee of being purposely chosen to keep Dreamplanet in the tournament so that a Dreamplanet vs Velestria matchup could happen as Dreamplanet had some players playing in the Velish league.