Cathartic Ditanery

Coat of Arms of the Cathartic Temple
Coat of Arms of the Cathartic Temple
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Saint Hubert of the Scrolls

Cathartic Ditanery is the oldest, organized tradition of Ditanery, formed by Saint Hubert of the Scrolls after he received revelations from the Goddess Dytika. It has also been called Dytika Vishneva and the Northern Temple. It is headed by the Piloro, who is the Episcopate of Višnevas, and governs the University of Saint Hans. The Cathartic Temple does not claim to be the oldest form of Ditanery, but instead claims that it has achieved a religious and scientific culmination through the Council of Sigismund and later through the direct, divine revelations of the Piloro.

The Cathars believe that the Piloro has been uniquely gifted to instruct students and to discover the secrets of the spiritual world. Therefore, those who study closest to the Piloro will have a more perfect understanding of the spirit, which confers on him and his students supreme authority. Every member of the Cathartic clergy is measured on their proximity to the Piloro's immediate students.

Approximately half of all Ditanists are Cathars, making them the largest denomination in the world.