Catholic Labour Union (Gaullica)

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Union Catholique des Travailleurs
LeaderAugustun de Troumpe
FounderAlbert Montecardé and Fayolle Giroud
Founded9 May 1934
NewspaperAve Maria!
Membership (2015)Decrease 408,921
IdeologySotirian Democracy
Social Conservativism
Economic justice
Political positionCentre
Euclean affiliationEuclean Liberal Party
Colours  Blue
Première Chambre
92 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
45 / 69
Euclean Parliament
36 / 193

The Catholic Labour Union (Gaullican: Union Catholique des Travailleurs), often abbreviated as the UCT or the CLU is a centrist political party in Gaullica. They represent a wide variety of views, but can often be categorised as economic populists and moderate social conservatives. As of the snap election of August 2019, they have 99 seats within the first chamber.

Finding its origins in non-socialist trade unions created by the clergy and Gaullica's pre-functionalist government, the UCT was formed as an amalgamation of Sotirian democrats, moderate conservatives and the radical republicans that had built themselves around the deposed monarch, Albert III. The UCT historically dominated the early Gaullican republic and dramatically shaped its leaders and founders dramatically helped implement the Grand Alliance implemented constitution. For the republic's first 30 years, all four of its presidents were from the UCT.