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Coalition Doux-Liberalismo
English nameSoft-Liberal Coalition
LeaderDamien Avencourte
Secretary-GeneralGréta Urabénya
FounderJacob de la Porçéza
FoundedMay 29, 2017
Merger of2017
Preceded byPartí Confédérate-Democratiqua, Libertarian Party, Independents
HeadquartersCastille de Terro, Inyursta
Student wingScolars Juevens pur Libertas
Membership (2018)Increase 2,890,000 (approx.)
IdeologyClassical Liberalism
Moderate Conservationism
Political positionCentre-Right
ColoursYellow, Green
Legislative Assembly70

Coalition Doux-Liberalismo (CDL) is a large political party in Inyursta. The CDL was created in May of 2017 from the merger of several smaller political factions including the Partí Confédérate-Democratiqua, the Inyurstan Libertarian Party and several independent political leaders. The grassroots movement "Inyursta Populaire" is also a major contributing force, however the CDL has neither embraced nor rejected the radical direct-democratic goals of the movement.


The CDL is widely viewed as the "non-interventionist party", in regards to a laissez-faire social and economic policy, as well as promises to curb Inyurstan military interventions abroad. They believe that Inyursta's best interests are promoting internal growth and protection of its quote "diverse cultural and environmental fabric".

Many leaders and supporters of the CDL also believe that in large, diverse nations - especially New World nations such as Inyursta, Cuscatlan, the U.S. or Brazil - the central government cannot effectively balance competing demands of various socio-geographic groups. This situation, as proponents claim, can only result in dictatorship (de-facto or de-jure) or decentralization, and that the obvious choice is decentralization.

CDL ideologues in general believe that government is not an extension of common morality, rather a necessary evil that should be limited and restrained whenever possible.


CDL economics can best be summarized as "the price of milk", this referring to a common good that most Inyurstan families will buy - as the price of milk affects the common man. In general, the party favors low cost-of-living and controlled inflation at the cost of higher interest rates and a potentially weaker - but more stable - currency.

They are generally more protectionist, and believe in avoiding free trade when it might hurt Inyurstan workers.


  1. Continue to reduce the tax burden on all Inyurstans
  2. Continue "Peresquénomics" targeting rural development and low cost of living
  3. Increase protections on Inyursta's fragile environment
  4. Keep the legalization of the export of cocaïne
  5. Scale back Inyursta's international military presence
  6. Support provencial and local law over federal authority
  7. Keep government out of marriage


According to 2018 polling data, the CDL scores high support from the rural lower-class, entrepreneurs and urban academics. Support for the CDL is generally even by age, however voters age 18 - 26 are its strongest base in terms of age. Coalition Doux-Liberalismo has a stronghold in terms of voters and local government in the provinces of Marindino Norte, Marindino Centrèle, Topoguya Enférior and Borasoles.

Notable Members