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Coalition Inyursta Primiéro
English nameInyursta First Coalition
LeaderMadáme Ariana Solano
Secretary-GeneralBenito Duchamp
FounderJean-Baptiste Calderone
FoundedAugust 12, 2017
Merger of2017
Preceded byMartinezist Party, National Republican Union, Independents
HeadquartersCastille de Térro, Inyursta
Membership (2018)Increase 2,762,000 (approx.)
Political positionRight-Wing
ColoursRed, Blue

Coalition Inyursta Primiéro (CIP) is a large big-tent political party that was formed in 2017 to support the candidacy and policies of Jean-Baptiste Calderone and generally counteract the platform of the Coalition Doux-Liberalismo. Smaller factions include the Unione Républicaire National, Inyurstan Martinezist Front as well as several independent public figures.


While ideologies vary from faction to faction and between individuals, the CIP is generally considered to be Duvalierist believing that a strong nation must come from a unified national identity, and "militarist" believing that Inyursta's democratic system, culture and economic institutions should be aggressively defended against both infiltration and direct attack. Like Duvalier, they believe that over time the broad and diverse heritage of Inyursta will - and has - blend or blended into one unified "Inyurstan Identity".

Modern Duvalierists and CIP supporters argue that both Inyursta's traditional family values and national sovereignty are threatened by Western Progressivism. This idea is enforced by recent tensions and confrontations with Lolloh, Die Erbenwormen Namen, Brytene, Ardoki, Ausitoria and to a lesser extent Asigna. Many CIP leaders and followers as well as Duvalierist theorists also claim that in a key step in combating this threat is stronger "brotherly relations" with other Latin American states in addition to more interaction and support to similar beliefs and cultures around the world.

In contrast to the CDL, most CIP contemporaries see government as an extension of common morality and believe the government should act as a force to promote and uphold social values as well as act as a force for compassion and justice.


CIP economic policy is often summarized as "the price of oil"; referring to the primary resource which keeps the Inyurstan Dollare (Y$) strong and keeps external revenues flowing. The party generally aims for a strong national currency with higher wages and lower interest rates at the cost of inflation.

They are more likely to support free trade agreements and import/export based economics.


  1. Aggressive national defense
  2. Anti-Corruption measures
  3. Increase cooperation with SACTO
  4. Increase military funding
  5. Harsher sentances for violent offenders
  6. Repeal the (export) legalization of cocaïne
  7. Increase in education funding
  8. Increase foreign trade and open domestic markets to the world
  9. Support and encourage traditional family values


According to 2018 polling data, CIP is most popular among urban and suburban blue-collar workers, current and former military members as well as evangelicals. Support for the CIP is mostly balanced among age groups. The provinces of Castille de Térro Grande, Costa Arseilles, Graçio Grande, Fjorda Grande and Topoguya Norte hold the most self-identifying CIP supporters as well as affiliated leaders in local government.

Famous Members