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Coius orthographic.png
Area38,491,013 km2 (14,861,463 sq mi)
Population density33.95/km²
Countries Ajahadya
Dependencies Jindao
Estmere Kingsport
Gaullica Nouvel Anglet
Estmere St Robert's and Fleming
Time zonesUTC-5–UTC+6

Coius is Kylaris' largest and most populous continent. Its regions include South Coius, Southeast Coius, Bahia, Badawiya and Satria.

The Great Steppe is located in the central-southern interior of the continent.

List of countries in Coius

Name Capital Population Region Head of State Government type
Ajahadya Banabadura 166,112,000 Satria Vimala Balchandra Presidential republic
Baekjeong Sangang 80,348,293 South Coius Lee Seo-yeon Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Dezevau Bazadavo 129,899,450 Southeast Coius Congress of Twenties Council republic
 Garambura Garambura Mutimukuru 8,635,881 Badiwaya-Bahia Muzukuru Chiyangwa Presidential republic
 Kumuso Kumuso Kumuso City 1,403,956 South Coius Shayban V Presidential republic
 Lavana Lavana Pers 49,842,742 Southeast Coius Lavanan Council Council republic
 Rwizikuru Rwizikuru Guta raMambo 18,903,392 Badiwaya-Bahia Kupakwashe Ngonidzashe Absolute monarchy
 Senria Keisi 258,751,620 South Coius Reika Okura Parliamentary republic
Sinharia Karatan 10,342,069 South Coius Nariman Atasar Presidential republic
Subarna Khozapur 91,034,632 Satria Jagannath Sarkar Presidential republic
 Tinza Tinza Ladumra 112,261,345 Southeast Coius Kya II Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Tsabara 23x15px Adunis 43,426,894 Badiwaya-Bahia Bal-Tughluq Parliamentary republic
Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics Zorasan Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics Zahedan 173,112,587 Central Coius Evren Volkan Parliamentary republic
 Xiaodong Xiaodong Rongzhuo 553,746,000 South Coius Yuan Xiannian Authoritarian republic