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Communistés Canibáls
2014 Communistés Canibáls Poster
GenreDystopian Drama
Developed bySalvador Bonaventure
Creative director(s)Reygo Renaulto
Opening theme"Communistés Canibáls Theme"
Ending theme"Envía dul Sangré"
Country of origin Inyursta
Original language(s)Original: English with some Inyurstan dialogue;


No. of seasons4+
Original networkTélécoup Entertainment
First shown inInyursta
Original releaseJuly 5, 2014 (2014-07-05)
External links
[www.ProgrameCanibáls.com.yn Website]

Communistés Canibáls is an extremely popular Sci-Fi/Dystopian drama filmed and produced in Inyursta. It follows a band of survivors in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse who must fight to survive being hunted by hordes of irradiated, flesh-eating reds.

Since it's creation in Inyursta, the show has gained international popularity. The original English-Inyurstan version has been dubbed in French, Spanish and Portuguese, while licensed indigenous versions of the series have been made in both Riysa, The Common Territories and Nihon.


Series I

Captain Alfanso Mordeçio (Jake Alberone) is a mid-ranking officer in a facility known simply as "The Tunnel", and underground Inyurstan Army intelligence facility which has survived a recent nuclear winter. Alfanso leads an expedition out into the wasteland for the first time in a year as supplies inside the tunnel begin to run dry. His men are ambushed and he barely escapes, only to find the perpetrators to be deformed and disgusting mutant cannibals.

He quickly encounters Selena Takai (Sierra Fujimori), a scavenger living in the wreckage of Cordoba. She explains that the cannibals were part of a left-wing death cult who welcomed a nuclear holocaust as a means of liberating the world and building up the proletariat from the ashes, similar to the desires of Che Guevara.

Series II

Series III

A new mutant, known simply as "The White One" rises to take control of what is left of the Dead-Reds following the battle at the end of Series II.

Series IV

Credits & Honors

Critics have praised the "Dead-Reds" for being quote "...smarter than the average zombie..." and "...an interesting standpoint to view the monsters as beings with their own conscious plans, belief and cognitive thoughts...". However, as with most anything produced in Inyursta, it has been criticized as "...unapologetic SACTO propaganda..."