Conall Solis

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Conall Solis
Conall Solis.jpg
Emperor of Makko Oko
ReignSeptember 13th, 2019 - Present
CoronationSeptember 16th, 2019
Born (1982-03-08) 8 March 1982 (age 41)
Zawok, Makko Oko
FatherTerry Solis
MotherMartha Solis
ReligionSatanism (January 2022 - Present)

Conall Solis is the 1st and current Emperor of the Empire of Makko Oko. He began his reign the same day as the declaration of victory by the Anti-Poverty Forces in the Civil Transition War, and was officially coronated as Emperor on September 16th, 2019. He is the first person to have not been voted into office in Makko Okoan history, ascending to a previously non-existent throne.

Conall was born on March 8th, 1982 in the small town of Zawok, about 8 years before the creation of an official government, before then having been unofficially established. The official government was named the Republic of Makko Oko, which collapsed on the end of the Civil Transition War, in lieu of the Empire. He went to school and did relatively well in his academics, but as he aged, he started studying and learning the ideology of Controlism, an ideology in which one wants ultimate control over everything they can. In his case, his control stemmed from student council, in which he was able to manipulate the student body into voting for him.

When the the Civil Transition War began in July of 2018, Conall came on board as the Lieutenant General of the Anti-Poverty Forces, which he managed to get by having friends who either helped build the militia, or knew people who helped build it. During his time as Lieutenant General, he led some of the most important battles of the war, like the battles of Gjdorsk and Ylul which were key battlegrounds necessary for the occupation of the former capital of Joria. Then, after Conall ascended to the position of Emperor, he led major reforms of justice, government structure and other parts of law to more optimize and efficiently run the economy. This led to inflation being reduced over time, compared to during the final years of the era of the Republic.

Early Life, Family & Education

Candidate For President Of Republic Of Makko Oko

Conall Solis ran for President on 2 occasions and failed both times. Once in 2007 and once in 2014. Conall's campaigns for both were very close to winning but long-time incumbent Harold Zenonis was hard to defeat and ended up staying on the podium up until the end of the Civil Transition War in 2019. Conall's campaigns were both based on slander and propaganda on the rival candidates, most of which worked to fool the populace, along with promises that when they actually became Emperor were mostly not fulfilled.

Military Life

Anti-Poverty Forces & The War


After Conall

Courtships & Marriage

Conall, according to historical archives and the press, has never been reported to be considering or actively in, a courtship. Conall was reported as saying to OMONN in February of 2020 that "I am not currently considering marriage, or even as much as a girl who may be my friend. My power is best not sullied by the likeness of marriage or relationships". Scholars believe that due to Conall's ideology of Controlism, it may conflict with the wants or needs of marriage, meaning that Conall will likely never get married.

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