Continental War (Gaia)

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The Continental War
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German soldiers in a railroad car on the way to the front during early World War I, taken in 1914. Taken from site.jpg
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A military parade down the main street of Phoenix, Arizona, ca. 1888 - NARA - 516379.jpg
Aerial view of ruins of Vaux, France, 1918, ca. 03-1918 - ca. 11-1918 - NARA - 512862.tif

Clockwise from the top: The Hallic Southern Fleet, Ronnish soldiers in the trenches, a Hytekojuznik military parade following the Siege of Anlaufhafen, the ruins of the Tudonian village of PLACE, Lazarian soldiers in PLACE, Mascyllary soldiers en route to the front.
Date7 September 1910 (1910-09-07) – 29 May 1916 (1916-05-29) (5 years, 8 months and 22 days)

Grand Alliance victory


Winning Side:
Template:Country data Anlaufhafen
Template:Country data Lazaria


Losing Side:
Hytekojuznia Hytekojuznia

Commanders and leaders
Mascylla Wilhelm I
Mascylla Paul Martinsen
Mascylla Theodor Rähner
Hytekojuznia Johannes II
Hytekojuznia Teofilis Vilmanas
Hytekojuznia Arke Visser
Hytekojuznia Konrad, Count Bridai
Vilhelm II
Thorkild Daugaard
Total: 3,920,294
Mascylla 3,920,294
Total: 4,513,830
Hytekojuznia 4,513,830
Casualties and losses

Military dead: 495,200
Military wounded: 604,970
Total: 900,170 KIA, WIA, and MIA
Civilian dead: 50,000

Military deaths by country
Mascylla 495,200

Military dead: 677,075
Military wounded: X
Total: X KIA, WIA, and MIA
Civilian dead: X

Military deaths by country
Hytekojuznia 677,075

The Continental War, also known as the Cross-Continental War, was a significant global conflict primarily between nations in Cardia, Erdara, Dysia, and Hallania, that lasted from 1910 to 1916. Having reached a never before seen scale, it led to the mobilisation of more than eleven million military personnel, making it one of the largest wars in history. With an estimated one million combatants and fifty thousand civilian deaths as a direct consequence of the war, it is also one of the deadliest conflicts in history.

The conflict began on September 7, 1910 following an attempt by the Kingdom of Hytekojuznia to annex Anlaufhafen. It lasted until the unilateral surrender of remaining LOSING SIDE powers on May 29, 1916 and peace was declared following the Treaty of Sigairen.



The war

Eastern Theatre