Czésłôw Domiana

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Czésłôw Domiana
Personal details
Born26 January 1860
Bonoventi, Odissia
Died10 June 1937
Sa Córugna, Odissia
Political partyLecistani Socialist Party
Labourers' Party
Spouse(s)María Regnáldi

Czésłôw Marko Domiana was a Lec-Odissian mathematician and politician. Born in Bonoventi in 1860, Domiana gained notoriety in 1885 with his formation of the Domiana method, a system for allocating seats under party list electoral systems, used later in Odissia after 1945. He was one of the original members of the Lecistani Socialist Party, founded in 1884. While in the party, he formed the basis for what is now considered Domianist political thought, and began to preach pacifism in the fight for Lecistani sovereignty. The 1914 Lecistani Revolt, in which the Socialist Party supported, forced Domiana to split from the party, forming the rival Labourers' Party, which he headed until his death. He died on 10 June 1937 in placeholder from tuberculosis.