Džoheret Tabaković

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Džoheret Tabaković
Born (1964-06-12) 12 June 1964 (age 56)
Sepdanski, Tropolje, Obradovia, Aurucolia
Allegiance Aurucolia
Service/branch Különerők
Holy Aurucolian Imperial Army Holy Aurucolian Imperial Army
UnitTask Force 853

1st Column, 12th Különerők Force

2nd Battalion, 12th Obradovian Infantry Regiment
Battles/warsPost-War of Lorican Aggression Crisis
RelationsLazlo Pongrác (friend and student)

Džoheret Tabaković (June 12, 1964) is an Obradovian soldier in the Holy Aurucolian Imperial Army. She is known to be tomboyish and flamboyant among her colleagues.

She also has combat experience in the Zebrian-Aurucolian Frontier War.