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Drake Brothers
Samuel (left) and Joseph Drake (right) pictured in 1988
Samuel Nicolas Drake, Joseph Pablo Drake

July 17th, 1962 (Samuel)

November 4th, 1969 (Joseph)

King's Island, Inyursta
DiedOctober 14th, 1999 (Samuel)
Mirassouse, Inyursta
Other names
  • Les Frèros Foucos
  • Sami-Boy
  • Crazy Jo-Jo
OccupationHeads of the Juarez Cartel
Spouse(s)Loretta Blanche Sandoval Drake
  • Gus Drake
  • Michael Drake
  • Murder
  • Racketeering
  • Grand Narcotics
  • Gun Running
  • Bribery
Criminal penaltyLife Sentence (Joseph)

The Drake Brothers, a.k.a. "Les Frèros Foucos" were a pair of drug smugglers who headed the Juarez Cartel from 1993 until 2001. They were both Anglo-Inyurstans born in the lower San Meresque Strip. Samuel started out as a petty coke dealer and his younger sibling Joseph followed suit, until both brothers became involved with the Ochaca Cartel headed by Pedro Esteban Petain. Both individuals became known for directly handling shipments as well as insane stunts to escape or evade law enforcement. The brothers became two of Petain's top lieutenants and were responsible for a vast narcotics smuggling and gun running network across the Sea of Juarez.

In 1991 after a dispute believed to be about either payment or control, the Drake Brothers had a falling out with Petain, and broke off their network from the Ochaca Cartel and formed their own organization: the Juarez Cartel. They fought a bitter turf war with the Ochaca Cartel until Petain's death in 1996, and then became bitter enemies of the paramilitary group CADI - which had absorbed the anti-Ochaca group ACCP (Action Citoyennes Contré-Petain) and continued their vigilante crusade against the Juarez Cartel.

In 1999 Samuel was assassinated at a nightclub in the border town of Mirasousse by CADI gunmen. Less than two years later his brother Joseph was captured in a joint ISD-DEA sting operation. Fearing his enemies would do away with him in prison, Joseph plead guilty to all charges brought against him and willingly surrendered key information utilized to dismantle the Juarez Cartel in exchange for extradition to the U.S./O.S..