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Grangua is a country located in [[Anteria]] bordered by [[Pyrwen]] in the west, [[Cambyria]] in the south, And [[Pyrwen]] in the northwest.  Grangua is not a landlocked country bordering the ocean and has 2 (two) lakes in it.  Grangua is located on [[Thrismari]]  
Grangua is a country located in [[Anteria]] bordered by [[Yryel]] in the west, [[Gerbia]] in the south, And [[Yryel]] in the northwest.  Grangua is not a landlocked country bordering the ocean and has 2 (two) lakes in it.  Grangua is located on [[Thrismari]]  

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The Federal Republic of Grangua

Motto: Ȓulla schweita is skarum
"Rule South Grangua and dance."
Anthem: "We love anteria"
StatusIndependent country
S47 N62 E25 W27
Largest Capitalcapital
Official languagesGrang Luasu
Recognised national languagesIcelandic
Ethnic groups
Liphanese (66.3%)
Granguan (29.5%)
Catholic Christianity Catholicism
LegislatureNational Legislature of Grangua
• First inhabited by Humans
Circa 1768
• First Granguan colonies
• Independence from The third Order
• Civil War
• Establishment of First Grangua
• Establishment of Second Grangua
• Coup d'etat
• Establishment of Third Granguan Republic
1,827,192 km2 (705,483 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• 2017 census
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Gini (2001)11
HDI (2018)Increase 0.808
very high
CurrencyGranguan Ispajosrothordur (GRISP)
Time zoneUTC+11
Date formatAD, mm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.gr

Grangua is a country located in Anteria bordered by Yryel in the west, Gerbia in the south, And Yryel in the northwest. Grangua is not a landlocked country bordering the ocean and has 2 (two) lakes in it. Grangua is located on Thrismari

          Granguan History    

Grangua was given independence in 1768. The first civilization was built in 1769, it was called "Vauzhǫŗ". It started building up population and they introduced a new currency, the yphagye later changed to Pafche.ᾯ. Then changed to Ispajosrothordur.

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Grangua has 5 islands, 0 exclaves, and 0 enclaves. Grangua's area is 1,090,112 km^2. Currently as of Sept. 17 2020 there are 6 regions, Lefa, Chaca, Seicha, Mauica, Fachawa, and Mavia. The 2 lakes in Grangua are (The Northern One) Panee and The southern one Pafiacha.

There are a couple mountains.


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Grangua's climate is temperate.


Fannae Beach and PenčċəÞ

Interesting Plants

Some interesting plants include, The Ampari Tree, The Kapnaowhskao, The Sisaig aua, and The josiags.

Granguan Civil War

North Grangua Strength 1,980,000

South Grangua Strength 2,443,823

The first charge from South Grangua Encircled the town of Fento, 20,000 North Granguan troops were killed. North Grangua tried to fight back, but failed, twice, 100,000 troops of North Grangua Died. North Grangua allowed itself to be annexed, thus, ending the war.


Around 50% are Granguan 49% are Liphanese and the remaining 1% are others.


The most natively spoken languages are Grang Luasu and English.

Route I98

Route I98 is the central highway going through Zenshin Zaravai Central Grangua and ends in Thembia.

Ethnic Foods


Parnea is made with fried egg, oil, bread and garlic. Parnea is a breakfast food in Grangua. Parnea is fried egg with oil on top wrapped in bread with garlic on it.


Penveia is made with bread, lettuce, ham, mayonnaise and cheese. Penveia is made in a sandwich form. Penveia is a lunch food in Grangua.

Calling Code and other info

Calling Code

The Granguan calling code is +1.

Area code

The Granguan area codes are 510, 617 and 819.

Time Zone

The Granguan Time zone is UTC+1.

Date format

The Granguan date format is mm/dd/yyyy.

Driving side

Granguan citizens drive on the right side of the road.

Internet TLD

The Granguan internet TLD is .gr, .gra.


B̄̄ɐʃʍiɛʈ Population, 24,000

DæçaÞiorður Population, 1,000,000





welcome to Grangua we welcome everyone here. Grang Luasu is the language to speak.

Gun Legality


Akdal MKA 1919 18 years of age or older

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