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The Infobox for Nations

Below is a shortened infobox for countries. The full infobox can be found here.

{{Infobox country
|conventional_long_name = <!--Formal or official full name of the country in English-->
|native_name =        <!--Country's name (usually full name) in its native language, hence in italics (double quotemarks)-->
|common_name =        <!--Common name in English (used for wikilinks and to produce a default iso3166 code)-->
|image_flag =         <!--e.g. Flag of country.svg-->
|alt_flag =           <!--alt text for flag (text shown when pointer hovers over flag)-->
|image_flag2 =        <!--e.g. Second-flag of country.svg-->
|alt_flag2 =          <!--alt text for second flag-->
|image_coat =         <!--e.g. Coat of arms of country.svg-->
|alt_coat =           <!--alt text for coat of arms-->
|national_motto =     <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
|national_anthem =    <!--in italics (double quotemarks) and wikilinked if link exists-->
|image_map =          <!--e.g. LocationCountry.svg-->
|alt_map =            <!--alt text for map-->
|map_caption =        <!--Caption to place below map-->
|image_map2 =         <!--Another map, if required-->
|alt_map2 =           <!--alt text for second map-->
|map_caption2 =       <!--Caption to place below second map-->
|capital =            <!--Name of country/territory's capital, wikilinked if link exists-->
|largest_city =       <!--Name of country/territory's largest city. Use "capital" (without quotemarks) if it's the capital.-->
|official_languages = <!--Languages recognised in legislation, constitution, etc-->
|national_languages = <!--Country/territory-wide languages recognised but not necessarily in country/territory-wide law, etc-->
|regional_languages = <!--Languages recognised or associated with particular regions within the country/territory-->
|ethnic_groups =      <!--List/breakdown of ethnic groups within the country/territory-->
|ethnic_groups_year = <!--Year of ethnic groups data (if provided) or use to place a <ref>-->
|demonym =            <!--Term/s describing those associated with the country/territory (e.g. "Belgian" for the country Belgium)-->
|government_type =    <!--(often a compound multi-wikilinked term, e.g. "Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic", etc)-->
|leader_title1 =      <!--(for a country, usually the head of state's (wikilinked) title, e.g. "President", "Monarch")-->
|leader_name1 =
|leader_title2 =      <!--(could be "Vice President", otherwise "Prime Minster", etc, etc)-->
|leader_name2 =
|legislature =        <!--Name of the country/territory's governing body, e.g. "Parliament", "Congress", etc-->
|upper_house =        <!--Name of governing body's upper house, if given (e.g. "Senate")-->
|lower_house =        <!--Name of governing body's lower house, if given (e.g. "Chamber of Deputies")-->
|sovereignty_type =   <!--Brief description of country/territory's status ("Independence [from...]", "Autonomous province [of...]", etc)-->
|established_event1 = <!--First key event in history of country/territory's status or formation-->
|established_date1 =  <!--Date of first key event-->
|area =               <!--Major area size (in [[Template:convert]] either km2 or sqmi first)-->
|population_estimate = 
|population_estimate_year = 
|population_census = 
|population_census_year = 
|population_density_km2 = 
|population_density_sq_mi = 
|GDP_nominal = 
|GDP_nominal_year = 
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = 
|HDI =                         <!--(Human Development Index; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 1)-->
|HDI_year = 
|currency =           <!--Name/s of currency/ies used in country/territory-->
|time_zone =          <!--e.g. GMT, PST, AST, etc, etc (wikilinked if possible)-->
|utc_offset =         <!--in the form "+N", where N is number of hours offset-->
|date_format =        <!--numeric dates (dd-mm-yyyy,, etc) plus era (CE, AD, AH, etc)-->
|drives_on =          <!--"right" or "left" (side of road)-->
|cctld =              <!--Internet country code top-level domain identifier (e.g. [[.br]], [[.de]], etc)
|calling_code =       <!--e.g. [[+1]], [[+531]], [[+44]], etc-->

Standard Section Headers





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===Foreign relations===










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