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'''After the renaming to House to Caelum'''
'''After the renaming to House to Caelum'''
*Willus IV (1822-1837)
*Willus IV (1822-1837)
*Regis Lucis Caelum CVI (1837-1895)  
*Regis Lucis Caelum CVI (1837-1881)  
*Regis Lucis Caelum CVII (1895-1920)  
*Regis Lucis Caelum CVII (1881-1920)  
*[[Regis Lucis Caelum CVIII]] (1920-1947)  
*[[Regis Lucis Caelum CVIII]] (1920-1947)  
*Regis Lucis Caelum CIX (1947)  
*Regis Lucis Caelum CIX (1947)  

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House of Caelum
Country Altissia

Concordia and the Soryu
Erebonian Empire
New Akiba
Tenebrae and Solheim
United Kingdom

Founded1535 - Georgius, Elector of Nibelheim (As House of Hanover)
Current headNoctis Lucis Caelum
  • King of the United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Accordo and other Commonwealth Realms
  • King of Great Lucis
  • King of Niflheim
  • Emperor of Nihhon-koku
  • Prince-Elector of Vasel
  • Elector of Nibelheim
  • Elector of Hanover
  • Duke of Brunswick
  • Duke consort of Bethausia
  • Duchess consort of Bethausia
  • Grand Duke/Duchess of Bethausia
  • Crown Princess of the Erebonian Empire
  • Emperor of the Erebonian Empire
  • Duke of Herrenhausen
Cadet branchesHouse of Konbaung-Seppayilä-Caelum
House of Caelum-Arnor

The House of Caelum (Formerly, House of Hanover) (or the Hanoverians German: "Haus Hannover") is a German Royal family dynasty which has ruled the Electorate of Nibelheim, the Electorate of Hanover, the Kingdom of Great Lucis, the Kingdom of Niflheim and currently, the United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Accordo under the name of House of Caelum. It succeeded the House of Nassau as the monarchs of Great Lucis and Niflheim in 1703 until in 1830 when Willus IV changed the name to Caelum. As of today, the members of the House of Caelum are still considers the name Hanover according to Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII when Nibelheim was under threat of an invasion by the Atlantic Federation and as an effort to retain its German Identity. There are numerous royals that still call the Royal house both Caelum and Hanover.

1700s: Georgian Era

1800s: Georgian Era to Early Regian Era

Georgius III oversaw the expansion of the Lucis Empire at its height but suffered a recurring and eventually, permanent mental illness that drew the King insane. On Christmas X809, He spoke nonsense for 58 Hours. He died on the 29th of January X810, Having ruled Lucis for more than 50 years, the longest rule than any monarch before him or after. He was succeeded by his son, Georgius IV. When Georgius IV was crowned, He was morbidly obese, weighing 245 pounds with a measurement of 130cm. He banned his wife, Caroline from his coronation and was very unpopular with the public, except in Accordo. His heavy drinking contributed to his death in X812, ruling for only a year and a half. He was succeeded by his brother, Willus IV. Willus or William was a very popular King. He established laws for the benefit of agriculture and was well-mannered. He was called the 'Sailor King' due to his service with the Royal Navy. He oversaw Nihhon-koku integrated into the Lucis Empire as well as managing the growth of Zanarkand and New Akiba. He was Nihhon-koku's first Lucian Emperor and was dubbed as "The First Beloved Emperor" in Nihhonese history because he abolished absolutism and feudalism. He died in X827 and was succeeded by his brother, Regis Lucis Caelum CVI. Regis ruled for five years but oversaw the Lucian expansion into Basel-Ebel as well as opening a trade route into Africanna as well as Esthar and Balamb. He also oversaw the grant of independence to Indiae, Guinea, Alteria and the return of Western Erebonia to the Erebonian Empire. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Regis Lucis Caelum CVII. While his brother's influence kept the peace, His rule could not. Imperial Aggression was ruling over Europa and Asianna and that the Monarchies of the world were being threatened with death and abolition. Surprisingly, He managed to keep the influence out of the Commonwealth and used his powers to lead the country into the First Europan War. He encouraged trading with Asianna nations such as Quenmin, Joyonghea and Bethausia. He also allowed the refuge of last-living Bethausian monarch, Judith Imhild; who then married his nephew, William Edwardius Caelum. He had no legitimate heir and appointed his older brother's son, Regis Lucis Caelum CVIII as his heir. He died a month after the war ended and was succeeded by the latter. Regis Lucis Caelum CVIII was intelligently wise and popular with the people. It was him that prevented Absolutism and Imperialism from ever entering into Commonwealth space. At the early years of his rule, the Niflheimian War of Independence was looming around but prevented it from gaining ground, this lasting only for a mere 2 weeks. He also oversaw the Quenminese expansion into numerous Asianna nations. It had violated the treaty that ended EWI and Regis knew that the Quenminese rebels had supported the Niflheimian rebels with 3 other Imperial Countries, The Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance, Guadosalam Federation and Archadia-Archedes. In 1930, He dissolved relations with Quenmin. Had relations continued, The UK would have remained a neutral. He also oversaw the grant of Parliament to the Lucis Empire territories as well as the grant of independence to some countries. This gave way to the organization of 15 countries known as the Commonwealth of Nations with the King remaining head of state in 12 countries that included Altissia, Basel-Ebel, Zanarkand, Rubrum, New Akiba, Concordia, Lestallum, Tenebrae and Solheim, Jutland-Gimli, Nihhon-koku, Nibelheim-Saxe-Hanover and the UK itself.

His reign oversaw the Second Europan War. His Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill stood as inspiration to the people to fight. He made numerous visits to the different fronts and was very popular. He even stood as a fireman during the Imperial Bombings of Insomnia. The words of his Prime Minister Churchill drove the Lucis Commonwealth to stand against the Imperials, Archadians, Guado, Russites, Calvardians and Quenminese. The UK was the leading Allied nation during the war. The UK also sought the protection of Gallia-Bruhl from both the Atlantic Federation and the East Empire. By the end of the war, He oversaw the further decolonization of the Lucis Empire. He died in X873, managing the reestablishment of the Quenminese nation against a new threat, Lorica. He was succeeded by his son Regis Lucis Caelum CIX but died after 2 months and was succeeded by his son Regis Lucis Caelum CX but his rule only lasted for 2 months also due to a scandal. He then abdicated in favor of his brother Georgius V He oversaw the preparation of every nation under threat from the Imperials and even went as far as providing arsenals for Quenmin, Joyonghea and Bethausia. He then participated in the 1949 Samcheok Diet where delegates from the UK, Quenmin, Joyonghea, Bethausia, Esthar, Dalmasca and Erebonia met to find ways of countering the Lorican threat. The diet also signaled the start of the Allied nations that is known to everyone in the modern day. His rule also oversaw the spark that ignited the War of Lorican Aggression. His Prime Minister, Clement Williams managed the affairs of the nations while he could only look from afar. He died in 1957 and was succeeded by his son Regis Lucis Caelum CXI. Regis refused to be King but had to accept the task since his brother, also named Regis, was still in his 20s. He wanted him to 'find his path' and only then will he abdicate in favor of him. Regis oversaw the Lucis Commonwealth's accelerated decolonization of the 1960s. He also made plans for the agriculture and trade sector in order to save the economy from being bankrupt. As King, it was not his task to control the economy but had made proposals that parliament approved. He only had 3 daughters and one of them married the Crown Prince of the Erebonian Empire. He appointed his younger brother Regis as King. He abdicated in 1961 and was succeeded by his brother, Regis Lucis Caelum CXII. Over the course of his 9 year rule, He was focused on setting his sights on not only the further decolonization of the Lucis Empire but also improving relations among foreign nations. As the War was still prevalent, He focused his plans on further increasing ways of saving the Lucian Economy and preserving the value of the Gil. His plans produced the Economic Edict of 1965 and made it possible that the value of the Gil would be preserved. The Edict also provided plans for improving trade with Asianna, Europa, Amerigonna and Africanna Nations. He then proposed another plan, and it produced the Economic Edict of 1967. It revised the old edict and provided a newer layout but the edict issued a much more strict ban on drugs to prevent Lorican Opium from entering into other nations. He then abdicated in X896 (1970) in favor of his son, Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. As the war neared its end, He did not focus on further improving armament support but focused into peaceful negotiations. He drafted his plan for a peace treaty to end the 25 year war. His rule oversaw the decline of the Commonwealth contribution to the war since the UK no longer had the military strength that it had in the past. He submitted his draft in 1974 to Parliament and was approved. This eventually gave way to the Treaty of Thien Dai that ended the war. In 1977, He immediately focused on setting up diplomatic relations with former enemy nations. His act of revitalizing the peace was well-received. He made a full peace treaty with the Archadian and Guadosalam, Russite and Calvardian nations but only negotiated peace terms with the Atlantic Federation, Lorica and the East Empire as the Post-War of Lorican Aggression Crisis was looming.

1900s: Present Regian Era

In the 1980s He assigned his closest friend, Belgen Gunther to independently manage the Royal Gallian Army. As early as 1980, He started to produce plans to make Gallia-Bruhl fully independent. He was then in talks with William IV of Tristain la-Fontaine to unite Tristain with the UK. Tristain had been serving under the UK in every war it had been. The UK and Tristain were similar in matters of politics and culture. In the 1990s, He set his sights on preparing the UK and the Commonwealth for the new millennium. He also initiated support to Archadian refugees during the Sanguinoso Colpo or the Archadian Revolution of 1990. Regis firmly supported the Nationalists and eventually they won. Regis was among the first of the heads of state of the Allied nations to welcome the new government. He did not start trade relations with Archadia until 1997. In local affairs, He established numerous colleges in the UK as well as in other Commonwealth nations. He was also instrumental in improving the quality of education offered in each universities. In 1995, He visited the University of Tokyu and was made honorary councilor. He then visited his alma mater, the University of St. Georgius to speak to the Class of 1995.

Other foreign affairs also included his visit to Quenmin in 1993 where he made trips to numerous landmarks, including the Thanh Bac Memorial. He concluded his state visit by signing the Thien Dai Agreement. Then in 1994, He visited Joyonghea and made numerous agreements with Joyonghean officials as well as visiting numerous landmarks, including the famed Chuncheon Obelisk where it stood over the place where Edward Samegawa officially proposed to Chae Hwa-young. He concluded his visit by signing the Samcheok Agreement.

By 2000, His rule has made numerous achievements, earning him the nickname "Foreman Reggie" for his restoration of the peace around and reducing the Commonwealth influence that started since his uncle, Regis CXI's rule. However, This peace would soon end. Regis was shot to death by Iedolas Aldercapt, who led the Niflheimian Rebels during the Second Lucis Civil War, A reminiscent of the Niflheimian War of Independence. Iedolas sought a republican government within the Lucis Isles and end the Commonwealth rule and instilling a fully Republican-Socialist ideology within the Commonwealth. From 2008 to 2010, Lucis and South Niflheim was under Republican rule with most of the Parliament fleeing with Regis' family to Tristain, where Henrietta, Queen of Tristain la-Fontaine offered refuge. Regis was succeeded by his son, Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Noctis was only 21 when he ascended to the throne, being the youngest to ever ascend in the modern times. Noctis ruled the UK from Tristain from 2008 to 2010. He returned in early 2010 to personally command the Lucis Armed Forces in Accordo. When the war ended, He personally dueled with Iedolas, killing him with a strike of Noctis' katana through the Iedolas' chest, avenging his father. On the 25th of July, Noctis formally reopened Parliament a day after he married his long-time lover Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and immediately set his plans to work to restore Lucis and Niflheim. Accordo and Northern Niflheim were left untouched. He appealed to other Commonwealth nations to send engineers to revitalize the capital and other cities. He initated the UK Plan 2010, which was a plan to restore Lucis and Niflheim under 2 years with numerous help from other Commonwealth nations. In the affairs of Bethausia, He oversaw the ascension of his cousin, William Edwardius III as Grand Duke of Bethausia. His cousin was 25 when he ascended, making Noctis the youngest to ascend in modern times.

Before moving back to Lucis, He issued the Randgriz Agreement that made way for a full and total Gallian Independence with Gallia having its own head of state and Parliament. This action made Noctis very popular in Gallia-Bruhl. Noctis is a supporter of total Gallian independence. He was backed by his best friend, Welkin Gunther. On August 18, 2010, He finally granted Gallia its full independence with Cordelia gi Randgriz succeeding him with the title, Archduchess of Gallia-Bruhl. He also oversaw the union of the United Kingdom with Tristain, changing the complicated name from United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Accordo to United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Tristain-la Fontaine but majority still use the name United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Accordo to denote the Lucis Isles and Tristain la-Fontaine.

Noctis is also known for his love of Nihhonese culture, being that he was born in Akihabara, Tokyu; The site where the first Lucians in Nihhon-koku were settled. He became known as "King of Nihhonese-Lucian Culture". Being young at his age, He was both serious and very playful with children. This contributed to his popularity among adolescents. Unlike other Kings before him, He was passionately open-minded but not shallow. Noctis as King was very serious and had deep thoughts about the future of the Commonwealth.

From 2012, Lorica once again became aggressive against other nations along with the East Empire and the Atlantic Federation. This prompted Noctis and other Allied Leaders to once again initiate Exercise TRIOC in 2012, then on 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2016, the Imperial Crisis began with Noctis being placed as the main figure of the Commonwealth of Nations and with Quenmin leading the Allied nations.

Monarchs of Great Lucis and the United Kingdom and Electors of Hanover

Regis Louis became the first Lucian monarch of the House of Hanover as Regis Lucis Caelum CV in X703.

Of the Kingdoms of Great Lucis and Niflheim

  • Regis Lucis Caelum CV (1703-1714)
  • Georgius I (1714-1727) (Georg Ludwig = Georgius Louis)
  • Georgius II (1727-1760) (Georg August = Georgius Augustus)
  • Georgius III (1760-1820)

After the Act of Union of X801, the United Kingdom of Great Lucis and Accordo

  • Georgius III (1760-1820)
  • Georgius IV (1820-1822)
  • Willus IV (1822-1837)

After the renaming to House to Caelum

House of Konbaung-Seppayilä-Caelum

On 1905,The Duke of Herrenhausen, William Edwardius Caelum was married to Judit Valpuri Yadanar of the House of Konbaung-Seppayilä. Judith was the last living member of the House of Konbaung-Seppayilä after its male line became extinct on the death of Hubrecht. In an effort to preserve her family's line, William insisted that Judith be named as a member of the House of Konbaung-Seppayilä-Caelum and the same would apply to their issues. This was also done to make the people of Bethausia feel welcomed to the Commonwealth. Others call this cadet branch as House of Konbaung-Seppayilä-Hanover or House of Konbaung-Seppayilä-Caelum

Descent of William Edwardius III of Bethausia to Georgius III of the United Kingdom

Founders: William Edwardius Caelum and Judit Valpuri Yadanar, Grand Duchess of Bethausia

Grand Dukes and Duchesses:

Legitimization of Prime Minister Ignis

King Noctis had no closest cousin since most of his cousins were female and in order to have Great Lucis united with Tristain, Henrietta was to be married to a member of Noctis' family. In 2013, it was found out that his Prime Minister and close friend, Ignis Stupeo Scientia is a fifth cousin twice removed. Ignis descended from Willus IV, A great-granduncle of Noctis through an illegitimate cohabitation. A law was passed to make Ignis legitimate for the two Kingdoms to unite.