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Inyurstan Navy
Navy Emblem
Active1838 -present
CountryLa Républiqua D'Inyursta
Size730,000 Active Personnel
PatronFernando Valizéno & Enriqué D'Andalucia
Motto(s)En Defençias
Mascot(s)Tiger Shark
Commander-in-ChiefJean-Baptiste Calderone
Chief of StaffAntonio DeLoroza
Chief CommanderAdmiràle Ronaldo Jus-Pascal
Deputy Chief CommanderAdmiràle Victoría de la Tervillo


In 1838, following sucessful independence after the Inyurstan Uprising of 1836, the newly formed government set out to build and commission a standing naval force for the purpose of self-defense and policing their many coastal waterways. The inital force consisted of just a handful of pirate ships and light shipping vessels purchased by the new government. They were soon after used to moderate success in the Polaches-Juarez War with neighboring Cuscatlan.

However, as the centuries progressed the Inyurstan Navy fell into a state of growing neglect and disrepair. It saw very little action on both sides during the Inyurstan Civil War on either side, offering little more than gunboat raids and some support during the Hidalgo Crossing in 1965. After the war and the establishment of La Républica D'Inyursta, it received more attention but was still by far the weakest of the three branches.

It was not until the late 80's into the 90's when Inyurstan military theorists began predicting the so-called "Third Wave", a transition away from the previous threats of communist invasion or narco/leftist insurgency and the rise of competetion with first-world, developed nations for global influence and control, that Inyursta began rapidly building and upgrading its navy for the next two decades into the present.


The official mission statement of the Inyurstan Navy is:

  • To protect and serve La Républiqua D'Inyursta and the democratic ideals it represents through the defensive of maritime and riverine territory, securing and protection of sea lanes, and to serve as the frontline against foreign threats to the Inyurstan Republic.

Ranks & Personnel

File:Inyur Navy01.jpg
Top Left: Inyurstan Naval Cadets in Graçio Bay; Top Right: Flight deck personnel aboard the INS Pierre De'Calero; Bottom: Riverine patrol craft in the Topoguya Delta

Like the other branches of the Inyurstan military, the navy is comprised of a wide variety of personnel; ranging from surface warfare to intelligence to aviation and special forces.

Duty Communities

Unsurprisingly, the majority of all active personnel in the Inyurstan Navy are in or associated with the surface warfare community. Due to the large quantity of riverine and maritime territories, a large number of ships and with them manpower to operate those ships. Surface Warfare makes up approximately 43% of the total personnel in the Inyurstan Navy.

The Inyurstan Coast Guard has the primary role as a "maritime gendarmie" of Inyursta. As part of the Navy, is also tasked with some measure of defense of Inyursta's waterways and coastal territories.



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The Inyurstan Navy operates and maintains a large and diverse number of equipment, ranking from oceanic surface vessels and ballistic missile submarines to fighter jets to riverine patrol boats. Because of the large amount of brown and green water environments which make up Inyursta, the Inyurstan Coast Guard is operated as a subset of the Inyurstan Navy.


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