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Belter Concord of Irav

Flag of
Anthem: Ons Volkslied
(Official Concord Anthem) (Iravian)
Largest AsteroidEuropa
Official languagesIravian
GovernmentParental Autocracy
• Primarch
Jonathan Kroon
• 2401 estimate
CurrencyConcord Guilder
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Republic of Irav (Iravian: Republiek van Irav), or commonly known as Irav is a sovereign state and a paternal autocracy with its land near evenly divided between the mainland on the Ozelan continent, its Avannarian colony in the Antarctic region, and with several small island territories positioned near the Timerian continent (Iravian Antilles).

The four territories of the Iravian Republic – Irav, Avannaria, Heletica, and the Iravian Antilles – are all constituent countries (or ‘’landen’’ in Iravian) and all these constituent countries of the republic participate on a basis of equality as partners in the republic. In practice however, most of the republic its affairs are administered by Irav – which comprises roughly 38% of the republic its land area and about 81% of the republic its population – on behalf of the entire republic. Consequently the other constituent countries in the republic (Avannaria, Heletica, and the Iravian Antilles) are all dependent on Irav for matters like defense and their foreign policy. These countries are all autonomous to a certain degree and maintain their own parliaments.

The five largest cities in the Republic of Irav are Rensselaer, Tholen, Westerkwartier, Rhenen, and Harlingen. The official capital city of the country is the Westerkwartier, while Rensselaer holds the seat of the States General, the Cabinet, as well as the Supreme Court. The harbour of Rhenen on the south coast of Irav is the largest one in the entire republic and the largest of any country on the Ozelan continent. The Republic of Irav is a willing member of the Cardinal Pact, and the trilateral Audax union between its eastern neighbours of the Royally United Provinces and Loracia.




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