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Jean-Paulo Lancorda
Born(1987-05-15)May 15, 1987
Cordoba, Inyursta
Other names"Monsenor Coquí"
Criminal chargeExposure of Classified Documents
Criminal penaltyNone
Criminal statusNever Charged
Spouse(s)Maria Lancorda-Reyes

Jean-Paulo Enrique Lancorda-Russeau is a private cybersecurity expert and short-time "Whistleblower" responsible for leaked documents exposing corruption and treasonous motives at both federal and provencial level public offices. Lancorda's leaks exposed connections between opponents of Inyursta's controversial Sniff & Search laws and both the Atlantic and Black Skulls cartels as well as conspiracies to support foreign and domestic hostile assets to Inyurstan interests. He also publicized information implicating politicians of all parties and ideologies with crimes such as embezzlement, misappropriations of funds, drug use, sex scandals, etc. His leaks led to the subsequent Whistleblower Crisis.

Domestic opponents of Lancorda's leaks pushed for his conviction for illegally exposing classified documents, however Lancorda was never charged for his actions. He is widely considered a hero amongst the Inyurstan population, with an average of over 92% of citizens polled and surveyed reporting to support his actions; however externally he is ironically viewed as a symptom of corruption in the Inyurstan system.