Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota

Church of the Homeland Variota

Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota
Motto: Kerke fan'es Folke, Kerke fan'es Lant
Official languagesVariot
• Heere fan'es Ghestelikke
Gillofan V
• Ratsheere Kartnaal fan'es Protektie
Linthoff Q. Jillet
State of Het Huisselant Variota
• VCC Formation
75 km2 (29 sq mi)
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.kfhv.vr

The Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota (literal translation to English Church of the Homeland Variota), also simply known informally as (Het) Kerke or (The) Kerke, is a semi-autonomous theocratic state of Het Huisselant Variota located in north-eastern Alharu. The current leader of the Kerke and the Variotan Christian Church, the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke, is Gillofan V.



The primary territory of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota is Kattetralerstatt, situated at the Kattetraler river. Other territories consist of churches and other ordained locations within Variota. In that regard, the Kerke is unique as it solely consists of urban areas.

Politics and Government


Churchly Fighting Corps
Ghestellike Fegtkorps (Variot)
Current form1781
Service branchesGeemeiner Fegtkorps, Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps, Kerke Kenniskorps, Motor Fegtkorps
Heere fan'es GhestelikkeGillofan V
Ratsheere KartnaalLinthoff Q. Jillet
Kommantant fan'es FegtkorpsLinthoff Q. Jillet
Military age20-30
Active personnel750
Budget₩164.05 million (2017)
Percent of GDP2.75% (2017)
Domestic suppliersGWFWA Varinco

The Ghestelikke Fegtkorps, also known in English as the Churchly Fighting Corps, is a small force maintained by the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota that is responsible for the safety of the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and Kattetralerstatt, the capital and only city of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota. Established in 1528 under Paater Johannes II and reformed in 1781, after the schism between the Variotan Christians and the Saalian Protestants, the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps maintains the proud claim of zero Paaters and Heere fan'es Ghestelikke dying violently while under their care. They lost the claim of zero leaders dying while under their care in 1882, when the unfortunate and newly elected Heere fan'es Ghestelikke Micheal X died from an allergic reaction to peanut-stuffed quail.

The seven-hundred and fifty-large force is entirely based and stationed within Kattetralerstatt, although the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke's jet remains in a hanger at the Aurora Sichtlaiter Commemorative Airport in Grootwaterflakte. Contrary to the small size of the force, it consists of four branches; namely the five-hundred men large Geemeiner Fegtkorps, the one-hundred men large Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps, the fifty men large Kerke Kenniskorps and the one-hundred men large Motor Fegtkorps, which provides mobile assistance to Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota assets throughout Variota. All members of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps are volunteers, recruited throughout Variota from healthy, Variotan-Christian men between the ages of 20 and 30. The Ghestelikke Fegtkorps actively approves of and seeks out homosexuals, as the leadership feels that they have a lower chance at bonding with non-Fegtkorps members; instead bonding with each other.

While the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota is allowed to demand aerial defense from Het Huisselant Variota and does so for the most part, the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps maintains five batteries of twin 23 mm Varinco-made anti air guns in the Kattertralerstatt area. The locations of four of these batteries are known, the fifth battery's location is hidden but rumored to be located in a secret section of the dome of the St. Michealkattertraal, which has the ability to open up. Members of the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps are generally lightly armed, operating pistols and sub-machine guns, although each of the five batteries are assigned two GAG-81 D.C.M. light machine guns as area defenses. In case of war reaching Kattetralerstatt, the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps is to strike targets of opportunity and hinder or prevent any aerial landings of enemy personnel before scuttling their anti air guns and retreating to aid the defence and retreat of the Ratsheere Kartnaals and the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke.

Its Motor Fegtkorps, the same size as the Lugtbatrij Fegtkorps, is a small but mobile force that offers protection and aid at events, during disasters and in case of trouble within Kattetralerstatt or at churches throughout Het Huisselant. Most of the Motor Fegtkorps equipment is exactly the same as that of the Geemeiner Fegtkorps with the exception that the Motor Fegtkorps operates a fleet of fifty TF-08 Aatlaar multipurpose vehicles which they use to travel around Variota in order to fulfill their protection duties. The 4x4's are modified in a variety of ways that increase their strategic capabilities with the most important feature being light armoring similar to the Aatlaar Plus version, enabling protection against small arms fire, and their noticeable purple and gold colour scheme, depicting them as official vehicles of the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota. In case of war reaching Kattetralerstatt, the members of the Motor Fegtkorps are to defend their position as best as possible if located outside of Kattetralerstatt and are to aid the safeguarding of the Ratsheere Kartnaals, the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and any and all artifacts and other such items deemed important to the Variotan Christian religion.

The third part of the force, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps consists of a small military unit that consists mostly of infantry. However, in order to escort the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and his Ratsheere Kartnaals, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps also operates a small vehicle park consisting of six Varinco-made PT-1966 'Stoomfaaier Plus' APC's and four GTRF-94 Falk Pansertransports. While the Geemeiner Fegtkorps operates multiple machineguns and operates a special 10-man long distance squad, the force notably lacks anti-armour capabilities. This is done by the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota to keep costs down, on one side, and because the KfHV can and will call in support from the Variotan army if a situation involving armour will occur. In its history, the Geemeiner Fegtkorps has never been in a war but has had plenty of experience with the protection of the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke and his Ratsheere Kartnaals during their travels. Training levels are high in all three of the sections of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps due to the forces receiving training from the Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt.

The Kerke Kenniskorps is a special part of the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps, operating from their own secure section of the basement of the St. Michaelkattertraal. Its sole duty is to perform intelligence missions, providing information on targets selected by the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps, the Ratsheere Kartnaals or the Heere fan'es Ghestelikke. While some are quick to underestimate the service's ability to do so, as they only count fifty men, the Kerke Kenniskorps is often given a blank cheque in regards to their methods and is rumored to have working relations with many of the major crime syndicates throughout the world and various bureaus of the Variotan secret service.

Most of the logistics for the Ghestelikke Fegtkorps are done by the civilian Kerk'likke Loogistiek Serfis, which additionally handles things such as the moving of personal furniture for priests of the Kerke.