King Ngjon of Rjang

King Ngjon of Rjang
King of Rjang
Wall Mural of a Male Figure, Han Tomb from Hou-t'un Village (後屯村), Tung-p'ing County (東平縣).jpg
Depiction of King Ngjon in a mural from a courtier's tomb
Reign492 – 540
SuccessorLate King of Rjang (梁後主)
Born(455-05-31)31 May 455
Rjang Prefecture, Themiclesia
Died1 February 540(540-02-01) (aged 84)
Kaw Mausoleum, Krong-nêng
Full name
Siw Lan (蕭延)
Posthumous name
Ngjon (元)
FatherPrince Mja of Rjang
MotherPrincess-consort Gwal of Rjang

King Ngjon of Rjang (Shinasthana: 梁元王, rjang-ngjon-gwjang, Old Menghean: raŋ m-kon ɢʷaŋ; c. 455 – 540, r. 492) was the founding ruler of the Rjang Kingdom that governed Themiclesia-proper and in the canon of dynasties in traditional Themiclesian historiography. Originally a feudal prince of the Sungh dynasty, King Ngjon seized power from the final Sungh ruler. He is remembered as a political reformer that concentrated power in the central government and won several important military campaigns to the north and west, during his long and stable reign. At the end of his reign, one of his sons rebelled and killed much of his family, in an unsuccessful attempt to take power; as a result, the throne passed to his cousin, who was unprepared for rulership. His line quickly faded into obscurity when the Meng dynasty was restored in Themiclesia.