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Constitutional Monarchy of Kooplieden

Monark van Kooplieden
Flag of the Constitutional Monarchy of Kooplieden
Motto: Wie Durft Wint
Who Dares Wins
Map of the Kooplieden Mainland.
The Kooplieden Mainland
Official languagesEnglish, Kooplieden
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
293,318 km2 (113,251 sq mi)
Kooplieden mainland without colonies or territories

The Constitutional Monarchy of Kooplieden (Kooplieden: Monark van Kooplieden, pronounced [ˈmɒnək vɑn kuːpliːdɛn]), commonly known as Kooplieden, is a sovereign country and colonial power in the Central Ocean within the region of Markion. Kooplieden also refers to the "mainland", consisting of Grootsteiland, Paareiland, and the 19 other islands (known collectively as the Jongeilands) surrounding their coasts, in contrast to the various colonies and territories spread throughout Markion under Kooplieden's control.

The Monark van Kooplieden is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Margaret II, who has been ruling since 2035. The capital and largest city is Portsborough, a large cultural centre and commerce hub known for its trade, with a population of 17.3 million.

There are several colonies and territories spread throughout Markion under the control of the Kooplieden Government, the largest and most notable of which being New Rijkdom to the south of the mainland on the Placeholder Continent. These territories make up a large part of Kooplieden's economy, both in providing goods to the mainland and to other nations.