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Legislative Assembly
Assembléa Legislatív
Type Unicameral Legislature
Subprésident Alvaro Delacroiz (CIP)
Speaker of the Assembly Jacob de la Porçéza (CDL)
Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Gréta Urabénya (CDL)
Minority Leader Evo-Paulo Sant-Yves (CIP)
Minority Leader Hugo Bélanger (Alternative Coalition)
Seats 170

The Legislative Assembly (Inyurstan: Assembléa Legislatív) is the federal legislative body of the Inyurstan government.


The Legislative Assembly has 170 seats, occupied by representatives (called senators). Each province of Inyursta receives a total of ten seats, no more no less. Prior to the Provincial Reform Act of 1988, there were only 150 seats; when the metropolitan Fjorda De'Rivera and Graçio received their provincial status twenty extra seats were added.

All federal legislation is proposed, voted upon and either passed or shot down in the Legislative Assembly. In the rare case of a tie, the subprésident gets a single tie-breaker vote. Legislation passed then goes onto the president's office who may veto; however, a presidential veto may be overridden with a 2/3rds majority. Following the 2014 Democratic Reform Act, all legislation passed may be put to a popular referendum if enough verified signatures are gathered.

Elections take place...