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|colorcode          = #5B7DFA
|colorcode          = #5B7DFA
|logo        = [[File:granzerylibdem.png|200px]]
|logo        = [[File:granzerylibdem.png|200px]]
|chairman = [[István Árpád]] <small>([[Chancellor of Granzery|Chancellor]])</small>
|chairman = [[István Árpád]] <small>([[Prime Minister of Granzery|Prime Minister]])</small>
|secretary_general =  
|secretary_general =  
|leader1_title =
|leader1_title =

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Liberal Democratic Party

Liberális Demokrata Párt
ChairmanIstván Árpád (Prime Minister)
Founded6 September 1986
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Syncretic Politics
Political positionCentre-left
Colours     Blue
Seats in the Senate
298 / 674

The Liberal Democratic Party (Granzerian: Liberális Demokrata Párt) is a left-wing political party in Granzery. It formed as one of the founding six political parties immediately following the unification of Granzery, and has been one of the most important parties in Granzery since its founding alongside the Republican Moderates.