Lord of Gar-lang

The Rt. Hon. Lord Superior of Gar-lang PC OA CJ (Shinasthana: 河陽侯, gar-lang-go; 1738 – 1817), was a Themicesian civil servant, military officer, jurist, and politician. He founded the Conservative Party and introduced represenative politics in the early 1800s, serving as prime minister from 1801 to 1814. He is considered by many to lead the first government institutionally supervised by a legislature.

For his open imposition of an elective check on imperial power, he was often labelled as the Father of Democracy in the early 20th century; commentators note that Gar-lang's democracy "a broad aristocratic oligarchy" than democracy in the modern sense, and this appellation is no longer as common. The Conservative Party continues to venerate the Lord of Gar-lang as its founder with this title.

Early life

Military career

Great Settlement

First ministry

Second ministry


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