Lord of Stsrungh

The Hon. Lord of Stsrungh PC OA (Shinasthana: 淙侯, stsrungh-go; Camian Standard: seungh-ho; Dec. 4, 1761 – Oct. 29, 1843) was a Themiclesian civil servant, military officer, and politician. He served as Prime Minister of Themiclesia between 1841 and 1843 as a Liberal-leaning independent.

He was born in 1761 into an aristocratic family of growing prominence at court. His father, the 2nd Lord of Stsrungh, is the eldest son of the 1st Lord of Stsrungh, who served as prime minister in the 1760s; he was made a peer for his involvement in the Tyrannian War. While his father never became a leading minister, he was known as a successful mediator at court in the early 1800s. He was the representative of the Lord of Gar-lang to the Imperialist opposition to his Conservative government. Socially, his father was also a favourite of Emperor ′ei (r. 1788 – 1821).