Lyoan Revolutionary Movement

Lyoan Revolutionary Movement
Participant in Eastern Lyoa Conflict
LeadersColonel Jacob Ntiba
HeadquartersEastern Lyoa
Area of operationsLyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Size~1,100 (2018)
AlliesNCLOF Logo.PNG National Coalition of Lyoan Opposition Forces
Opponent(s)Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa
United Self-Defense Movement
Islamic Front
Battles and war(s)Eastern Lyoa Conflict

The Lyoan Revolutionary Movement (abbreviated LRM) is an armed rebel group based in the east of Lyoa. It is made up of defectors from the LNDF's 12th Infantry Brigade. The group was notable for its brief capture of Kabule in mid-2018. Since then, the group has mainly engaged in a traditional insurgency. It is alleged to be allied with the National Coaltion of Lyoan Opposition Forces group.