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What is IIWiki?

IIWiki is an online, web-based, free encyclopedia for the creation and display of fictional content produced by members of NationStates. It is unaffiliated with NationStates.

IIWiki seeks to create an in-character environment where users can create and share content and lore. We expect encyclopedic articles and worldbuilding according to the Wikipedia Manual of Style, which is to say neutral, professional, and focused.


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The Federal Ice Hockey League, more commonly known as FIHK is a national professional ice hockey league in Alsland. It comprises of 26 teams from across Alsland and is the most popular sporting league in Alsland, attracting a record 3.2 Million viewers for the 2021 Final between Súdwâl Wottested and Ilfracombe. The winner of each annual tournament is given the Federaasjetrofee. The FIHK was founded in 1939 to succeed the Alslandic Ice Hockey Championship which ceased operations during the Great War. The first season began on 11 October 1939 and lasted until 1 June 1940. The result was a victory for Ilfracombe over their main rival Rahu. The first season had one team from each province of Alsland. This rule was dropped in 1952 and since the League has expanded to 26 teams across Alsland. The league's headquarters are in Wottested, Delland where they have been headquartered since 1955. The league is also funded by the Department of Culture and Sport. The Department helps fund the league and in return the FIHK provides free international advertisements for Alsland and tourism. The FIHK is symbolic of Alsland's federal structure and pillarisation in the country. (See more...)

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