Marai peoples

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Two Marai women in traditional dress, Varle, Satau, Satucin
Regions with significant populations
Marai languages, Gaullican
Sotirianity and Marai religion

The Marai peoples are an ethnolinguistic group of indigenous peoples of the Asterias. They mainly inhabit Satucin, but populations are also found in x.


Preclassic period (c. 2000 BS - 100 AD)

-basically period of civilisation, creating language, codifying religion, etc.

Classic period (c. 100 AD - 800 AD)

-golden age, expansion of urban centres (relatively small, but with sophisticated links between numerous ones forming proto-states)
-'colonisation' of coastal areas of the Arucian. Colonies and 'mother cities' tend to remain highly linked, rely upon each other

Postclassic period (c. 800 AD - 1526 AD)

-Various causes given for decline, but none fully accepted
-Some colonies begin to fail without support, while others are forced to sever dependence

Post-Assiman period (1526 AD - 1900 AD)

-Contact with Gaullicans iffy, but a few city-states are coerced into accepting Gaullican sovereignty
-Disease decimates urban centres, with some being abandoned and soon used by Gaullican settlers
-Some urban centres survive, eventually merge with new Gaullican cities (Aneville + Ngatana -> Gaton)
-Complex relations with other natives. They are viewed by the other natives as too Gaullican, and by the Gaullicans as too native.

Modern day


-Big split between coastal and interior Marai culturally



-largely Sotirian. Interior Marai tend to be more evangelical, syncretistic, and adhere to traditional rituals and the traditional religion.


Notable Marai people