Mevirese Confederacy

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Mevirese Confederacy

Flag of the Mevirese Confederacy
GovernmentConfederal republic
Historical eraTrellinese Civil War
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part of Trellin

The Mevirese Confederacy (Trellinese: Peivasa Meviri'ka) was a short-lived confederation of republics that came into existence during the Trellinese Civil War in the province of Mevirin. It was the result of an alliance comprising the revolutionary city-states of Txakla, Miroen, Pataxi, Porel and Ruzhya, formed in early 1893.

Royalist Cadenzan warships bombarding the harbour forts of Txakla
Mevirese Confederate militias

Along with the other republican and anti-monarchist factions of the civil war, the Mevirese fought primarily in the south of the empire. Their first success was against Resnoi, which brought the island of Baraja into their confederacy. Mevirese troops later fought in the invasion of Bal Emrith and the Siege of Tar Siarim. Victory at this city on the Sea of Velar allowed Mevirin to send troops to fight in the north of the empire, as their Jajexan ports had been blockaded by Cadenzan ships.

Ultimately, the Mevirese were driven out of the north, and royalist forces arrived from the west and east to crush the young confederacy in 1899.