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The Empire of Nemea

αυτοκρατορία της μημείας
Flag of Nemea
Coat of arms
Largest cityNemandros
Official languagesNamean
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• King
Nikephoros VIII
• Magistros
Zephryon Kastamonites
4,115,934 km2 (1,589,171 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
• 2016 census
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyNaxmar (Φ)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+053

‘’’Nemea’’’, officially the ‘’’Empire of Nemea’’’ is a sovereign nation located on both the continents of Ourika and Evaesia in the region of Razulica. It has sea borders on both the X Ocean and Sea of X. Nemea’s official population is 170,290,382; making is the X most populous nation in the world. It is the X largest by population in Ourika and the X largest by population in XXX. Nemea shares maritime borders with the nations of XXXX. Nemea shares formal land borders with X on Ourika and X on the continent of XX. Nemea was formerly a fully contiguous territory until the construction of the Petron Canal in 1898 by the East Ourikan Holdings Company, which divided the nation and subsequently the continents by a waterway and connected Lake Ozeros to the Sea of X and X Ocean. Its capital is the city of Madytos, while the largest city is Nemandros.

Nemea is an Absolute monarchy governed by Emperor Nikephoros VIII who holds supreme executive authority over the national government and the population. He is supported in his rule by the National Parliament of Nemea, which is comprised of Deputies appointed by locally elected councils known as Dimos Councils. These Dimos Councils consist of five elected officials, four appointed, and one Bishop appointed by the local diocese of the Alexandrian Infinite Church.

The Nemean Empire is known for its remarkably religious population and government due to the enormous influence of the Alexandrian Infinite Church, lead by Pope Celeste V. Nemea is considered a major developed nation, though it still possesses a significant income inequality. It is known for its significant shipping and service sectors with the Petron Canal driving a massive trade oriented economy with many imports and exports. Manufacturing still plays a role in the economy despite recent gains by the service sector causing its reduction.

Nemea has made significant efforts to remain attractive to international investment with infrastructure updates completed on many major cities since 1995. The Petron Canal was expanded in several key areas in 2005 in a 2.5 billion naxmar project to allow larger and larger vessels to pass through, greatly expanding its capacity and increasing toll revenues significantly upon completion in 2010. The addition of the Heraklion Power Station in 2017 greatly increased Nemean power output, replacing the last of the coal fired power stations in Nemea.




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Government Offices


Law Enforcement


The Nemean economy has consistently ranked among the world's largest in the years after the Economic Reforms of 1975 when several key reforms introduced diversification to the manufacturing and trade oriented economy. With a nominal GDP of 5 trillion, the Nemean economy controls is a significant market in Razulica. With its strategic location on the Petron Canal, the Nemean economy is highly reliant on trade through the strategic waterway. The completion of the canal in 1905 marked a significant turning point for the many sectors of the economy that were outdated and stagnant. The government went nearly bankrupt for the construction of the canal and owed significant debt to Tsarkiya at the end of the project. Diversification and the introduction of significant revenue from tolls allowed Nemea to pay this debt back by 1919.

The modern day Nemean economy has a skilled labor force and a high level of innovation. The nobility control a significant amount of wealth, which causes many to consider Nemea to have a moderate level of corruption. Specific reforms by Nikephoros VIII and his father to root out corruption have resulted in limited success.

Nemea is a significant exporter of goods with many ports like the major inland port of Nemandros located on Lake Ozeros to send vessels through the canal and into the oceans. The top 10 exports of Nemea are machinery, chemical goods, electronic products, electrical equipment, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, basic metals, food products, rubber, and plastics. The nation also has a thriving arms industry with more lax restrictions on the sale of weapons and other military equipment across Razulica.

Several multinational corporations are based in the nation; including Kastamonites Industries, Valdara Automotive, and Adelburg Enterprises. The presence of significant international trade has resulted in a large insurance industry within the nation, including Dahan Securities, which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Petron Canal




As the bridge between Ourika and Evaesia, Nemea is a significant transport hub for the two continents. Despite updated routes and methods of transportation, several key land routes between the two continents have remained in use for thousands of years. The Kyknos Highway, which today links the two continents with twelve total lanes of traffic and crosses the Petron Canal, has remained in constant use since it was opened in 1023 by Emperor Kyknos I. Nemea contains over 4.3 million kilometers of roads with a quarter of these classified as Imperium Highways, which feature a larger number of lanes and increased speed limits to allow for rapid travel. Some of these Imperium Highways have speeds in excess of 150 mph, allowing rapid travel throughout the nation. Lesser roadways are maintained at provincial and local levels.

Due to its significant size, passenger rail transport is mostly used within provinces and local dimos. A few high speed lines are operated by Trans-Nemean Railways and provide varying levels travel accommodations from economy to luxury. The expense and cost of these lines to operate over great distances has hampered investment from private sources, resulting in significant investment from the government to provide these lines as stable alternatives for aircraft in order to ease the significant strain on Nemean airports. In 2018, Nemea had 114,294 kilometers of rail. This is all owned by four major rail companies, Trans-Nemean Railways, Ashkelon Southern, Aegis North, and Ourika Central Lines. All of these are private with the exception of Trans-Nemean Railways, which is 30% government owned due to passenger rail subsidies. Many individual cities also operate electric commuter trains known as Themata Lines. These local lines provide commuters cheap and short range transit through congested cities. Such lines fill the role of many other services like busses and as a result reduce the number of these on Nemean streets.





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