Parti National Libéral (Vannois)

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National Liberal Party

Parti National Libéral
LeaderDavid Vasseur
PresidentCélia Vallée
FounderMaximilien Astier
Founded3 May 2025
Preceded byParti Socialiste
Headquarters72 Rue de l'Espoir, Libéliard, Antiyonne-Grenoît, Vannois
Student wingMouvement libéral étudiants
Youth wingMouvement des jeunes libéral
Membership (2024)258.1 million
International affiliationLiberal Alliance, Socialist International
ColorsRed, Gold
SloganLe changement est maintenant
Chambre des Pairs
393 / 924
Chambre des Répresentants
418 / 794

The Parti National Libéral also know as the National Liberal Party or Liberals, is the most powerful left-wing political party in the Vannoisian Empire. The party is constantly trading places with either of the Alliance Centriste or Union pour un mouvement populaire. It grew out of the trade union movement and socialist political parties of the early nineteenth and late eighteenth centuries and has been described as a broad church; the party contains a diversity of ideological trends from strongly socialist, to more moderately liberal.

As of 2025 it is the largest party in the Chambre des Répresentants with 418 MPs, ahead of the UMP's 262. Following the dissolution of the Unité coalition and François Jauffret's resignation as party leader, David Vasseur led the party through the 2024 snap elections and as Prime Minister.

The Party was originally founded in 1932 following the dissolution of les Communistes de Vannois and the original Socialist party by then-Emperor Francis III as the Parti Socialiste. It was created in Libéliard by the Socialist philosopher Arsène Flandin, and formed around the Lord Jean-Jacques Viermont, Count Migor; in 2025, the party was rebranded as the Parti National Libéral by Prime Minister David Vasseur and his fellow Party leaders.


Ideology and Policies

Economic Policy

Social Policy

Foreign Policy



Leader of the Parti National Libéral, David Vasseur, 2024.



Led by MP Marlène Astier (also Deputy Prime Minister),


Led by MP Donatien Vaelin (also Chancellor of the Exchequer),

Nouveau Gauche

Led by MP Anabelle Viertou,

Le Centre

Led by MP Margaux Ouvrard (also Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport),