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You step off the plane, and a warm breeze hits you in the face. Around you, excited travelers and locals blend into a colorful background of palm trees and crystalline blue water. As you take in the scenery, you realize... You have arrived in the beautiful Conch Kingdom!
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The Corponation of Kursibar (historically known as Quoma, commonly called Kursibar) is a democratic corporation-state in South Laurentia. The island portion of the nation is bordered on all sides by the Olic Ocean. Kursibar covers 1,210,517 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 1,794,603 people. Nominally, Kursibar is a semi-direct democracy and a corporation unto itself; however, in recent history, its government has experienced a period of military dictatorship. Kursibar comprises of two city-states and six other semi-autonomous federations of city-states. The national capital is Kuruk, and the most populous city is Sibbarra.

Various peoples migrated from southwestern South Laurentia to Kursibar in prehistoric times, however, the oldest known mention of their presence in the region by the exonym Quoma dates to the 12th century. Documented contact between natives and the wider world began in 1589 with a Kingishngali diplomatic mission to Ul-Tenna, which became a regional power by the end of the 15th century. Ul-Tenna reached its peak during the colonization of Kursibar in the 1600s, gradually declining thereafter until being ultimately destroyed in the 1767 Tsunami. The fragmented nation was quickly reunited by the signing of the First Charter of Sovereignty in 1802. (See more...)

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