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The International Northwestern Union is an RP and worldbuilding-focused region with a collaborative ethos. Members create the past and impact the future of an alternate Earth, working towards building a realistic, cohesive, and imaginative whole.

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The Kingdom of Kathia (Kathic: Daregon ka Kāthka) is a wealthy, developed nation in Western Aurora. It is bordered by the Kathic Sea to the south. To the north it is bordered by Grothbord, and to the south east, Achysia. Kathia is a Federation of 19 Provinces along with 2 Autonomous Territories, Laszia and West Valentia. Approximately 92 million people live within the borders of Kathia, of which a majority (89%) are ethnically Kathic, while the other 11% are from other various cultures and ethnicities. Kathia has been inhabited for thousands of years, but the people who would eventually become Kathia came from Grothbord. Various independent Kingdoms would eventually... (See more...)
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