Presidency of Lemovicia

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President of Lemovicia
Term lengthTwo terms (maximum, four-year terms)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Lemovicia
Inaugural holderIzydor Domzalski
Otxote Sasiambarrena
Jan Swiech
Gizon Artalolea
Formation1 November, 1992
DeputyPremier of Lemovicia

The Presidency of Lemovicia (Lemovician: Менділурако легендакаріца, Mendilurrako lehendakaritza, Miersan: Prezydencja Łemowiczy) is the head of state of Lemovicia. It is a collective leadership, comprised of four individuals, of which per the Alikianos Accords and the 1992 Lemovician constitution, two are ethnic Lemovicians, and two are Miersans.


After Lemovicia declared its independence from Narozalica in 1979, the first Lemovician constitution declared that it would be a unitary presidential republic, with the head of state and government being the President (Lemovician: Легендакарія, Lehendakaria, Miersan: Prezydent), although they were commonly referred to by the term Garaizona (Lemovician: Ґараізона, Garaizona, lit. triumphator) in the Lemovician language.

However, after Narozalica withdrew from Lemovicia in 1980, democratic reformers sought to establish a parliamentary republic, and transfer the powers held by the President to a head of government. Despite this hope, as the civil war wore on, it became more of an ethnic conflict between the Lemovicians, who were the dominant minority under the 1979 constitution, and the Miersans, who formed the majority of the population, and sought their own independent state.

When the civil war ended in 1992 with the Alikianos Accords, the Presidential position was replaced with a collective presidency, of which the Alikianos Accords decreed that there would be four members, of which two would be ethnic Lemovician, and two would be ethnic Miersans. Their powers were further defined in the new Lemovician constitution, which defined Lemovicia as a parliamentary republic.


As per the Alikianos Accords and the 1992 Lemovician constitution, the Presidency is the head of state, whose role is to represent the country abroad, and serve as the "unifying force" of the country.

Thus, as per the Lemovician constitution, the duties of the Presidency are to conduct foreign policy, to promulgate new laws, and to present a budget to the National Assembly.


The Presidential Palace in the city of Topagunea is, under both the 1979 and 1992 Lemovician constitutions, the official residence of the Presidency, with workspaces for the four members of the Lemovician Presidency based at the presidential palace.

However, since the establishment of the collective leadership, the personal residence of the four members has been situated outside the building, and the suites in the Presidential Palace are now used by the Premier.


While as per both the Alikianos Accords and the 1992 Lemovician constitution, the Presidency of Lemovicia in its entirety is the head of state, a custom has developed where in a four year period between elections, each member serves as Chairman of the Presidency (Lemovician: легендакаріцако буру, lehendakaritzako buru, Miersan: przewodniczący prezydencji) for one year, while another serves as Vice-Chairman (Lemovician: легендакаріордея, lehendakariordea, Miersan: wiceprezes).

As per custom, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman cannot come from the same ethnic group, and the role alternates between each member of the Presidency.

List of heads of state

Presidents of Lemovicia

No Image Name Term Party
- Stevan Kragujevic, Ivan Stambolic, maj 1986.JPG Eztebe Tolaregain
21 November, 1979-1 March, 1980      National Syndicalists
1 Todor Zhivkov.jpg Saroi Garnica
1 March, 1980-1 November, 1992      National Syndicalists

List of Members of the Presidency

No. Election Members Party Ethnicity
(1 November, 1992 to 1 April, 1996)
1992 Izydor Domzalski      ADL Miersan
Otxote Sasiambarrena      ADL Lemovician
Jan Swiech      MAS Miersan
Gizon Artalolea      ADL Lemovician
(1 April, 1996 to 1 April, 2000)
1996 Otxote Sasiambarrena      ADL Lemovician
Izydor Domzalski      ADL Miersan
Gizon Artalolea      ADL Lemovician
Igor Janusz      ADL Miersan
(1 April, 2000 to 1 April, 2004)
2000 Igor Janusz      ADL Miersan
Hargin Saez      ADL Lemovician
Jan Swiech      MAS Miersan
Eolo Larretche      MAS Lemovician
(1 April, 2004 to 1 April, 2008)
2004 Hargin Saez      ADL Lemovician
Fabian Duch      ADL Miersan
Eolo Larretche      MAS Lemovician
Weronika Mlynarska      ADL Miersan
(1 April, 2008 to 1 April, 2012)
2008 Bolesław Buchalski      MAS Miersan
Aizo Mallo      MAS Lemovician
Wojsław Mita      MAS Miersan
Nartziso Joanlucea      MAS Lemovician
(1 April, 2012 to 1 April, 2016)
2012 Aizo Mallo until August 2014)      MAS Lemovician
Helios Ayrupe (from August 2014)      ADL Lemovician
Bolesław Buchalski      MAS Miersan
Ivon Mendarte      ADL Lemovician
Fabian Duch      ADL Miersan
1 April, 2016 to 1 April, 2020
2016 Damian Rogal      ADL Miersan
Ivon Mendarte      ADL Lemovician
Filip Godlewski      MAS Miersan
Andremantzia Sorondo      ADL Lemovician
1 April, 2020 to 1 April, 2024
2020 Postumo Boloquy      MAS Lemovician
Filip Godlewski      MAS Miersan
Andremantzia Sorondo      ADL Lemovician
Damian Rogal      ADL Miersan